Drowning in the "Process"

Drowning in the “Process”

You see I’m sitting here in my room with a small candle and trying to write my analysis about “The Process”, which was an impossible novel, it was boring but kind of interesting in the same time… It’s strange, because I’m stressed thou I have 3 days left to write on it, and i have already written 540 words, Yay=) So, I pushed the assignment and went on the net and found a beautiful Christmas Tree, with an usb input, which means that it lightens up with different colours, download this small clip to see it http://www.coolstuff.se/images/produkter/usb-julgran2film.wmv


 Only 18 days left to Christmas Vacation!


Postat av: Sally

Don't stress, I haven't even started... hmm, maybe I should be stressed... 18 days, yaaay!!!

2006-12-03 @ 21:41:57

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