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Hello every one!

Today when I was sitting in “Mediecommunication” I said to Philip that we should do a video, during the winter vacation. He thought it was a splendours idea... I have tried to do it before, but without success, I talked to much and didn’t do much, that was the main problem but also that I didn’t know how you used “Windows MovieMaker” (Ashamed, because it was soo simple like the simplest program I’ve ever used) But now I know it, and Philip is already very familiar with the program he knows it well ;) (Right Philip, ooh forgot you don’t read blogs, btw you should do it =)  However, we have decided to this video, and the good thing with it is that it can include anything! So all creative people use your brains, and dig for ideas that could be put in the video, remember every thing is good :D and if you would like to be in it just talk to us… We haven’t decided any date yet, but I was thinking of that this will be a long project, with one year of events, like during winter we do most of the things you can’t do during summer, for example. But this is just proposals you are free to come with own ideas!




Cheers Erik! Comment (A)



And ONLY 16 days left until Christmas Vacation!


Listening to "White Christmas"

Postat av: Prinsessan Diana (inte på riktigt, men..näst bästa peinsessan)

Jag fattar inte, what kind of video? And...can I be in it?

2006-12-07 @ 11:25:16
Postat av: jag menadr PRINSESSAN

sorry..:P have a good day:P

2006-12-07 @ 11:26:31
Postat av: Erik

Hehe jag förstod det Diana;P Men visst får du det, säg till om du vill vara med och om du har några fina idéer :D

2006-12-07 @ 20:02:38
Postat av: Richard ( #1 Mr. Princess Universe 99,01,02,03,04,05,06 )

Nej det blev ju inget av videon du skulle spela in i somras :P
Ska du bara spela in i Saltis ( = Stockholm) eller ska du iväg till nån skidort eller så? Vänta! Fan vilken bra idé jag fick! Eftersom det kommer vara 25 grader och sol här i Sverige under hela julen kan vi ju spela in den där sommarfilmen nu istället xD Satan va jag är bra ;)

2006-12-14 @ 22:57:18
Postat av: urk

Adobe Premiere ftw

2006-12-15 @ 15:55:53

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