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I have nothing to do; I’m sitting here in my room doing nothing for the moment. I’m already done with the Swedish novel analysis, Soo happy :D (some last adjustments have to de done)  But now I only have the biology report left, but I can’t do it, because I forgot my instruction paper at school (Bugger --> “Captain” Jack Sparrow) really clumsy! But I’ll live, hopefully. School starts soon again, (Jippie, Ooh, I-I mean shit, I don’t want to go to school :P) and we’re having the maths test on Wednesday I’m actually getting really nervous because I don’t know if I know everything (but inside I feel that I know it) but you never know! I’ve study so much for it and I really hope the result, of right answer exceeds 98% (A) I would actually be proud over myself if I got it! Let see, history I’ve made the homework already, but I’m having difficulties to define “Humanism”. However, today I played some guitar and my sister sang, it sounded quite good, some parts of a song (For you who just love details ;) it was the song called "Angel Dust" Di-Rect) I have to practise a bit more.


Yesterday night I downloaded some really good music, it was instrumental, but anyway. Most of them were famous pianists (Yanni, Tchaikovsky, and Liberace):



  • In the Morning Light
  • Almost A Whisper
  • Nostalgia
  • Until the Last Moment
  • Chariots Of Fire
  • On Sacred Ground


  • Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet
  • Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy
  • 1812 Overture
  • Nutcracker Suite - Waltz of the Flowers


  • Theme from 'New York, New York'


  • Nog een keer
  • Afscheid
  • Hou me vast

Katrina and the Waves:

  • Love shine a light


Plus I downloaded two movies and one game: Brother Bear 2, and Getaway in Stockholm 7 Need for Speed Carbon Collectors.



Today’s song: Love Shine a Light


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