Pride Festival

Yesterday I went with Poriya, Emmy, Oscar, Diana, Lisa and a cousin to Poriya to see the Pride Festival in Stockholm. I've never seen it before and had no clue that it was such a big festival. It was so many persons which actually participated in the festival, when they came to our spot on Kunsträdgården people just went passing for an hour all the time... It wasn't only a lot of persons walking the street; it was crowded around the street as well. You could clearly understand that many people do care about the rights of homosexuals, since people show an interest in watching the festival. That it just what I think! I took some pictures and made some videos, unfortunately I can?t publish the videos, and the photos aren?t the best, but it?s something! It was so cool, that we did see a biology teacher in IB, Russel! He was walking and holding the edge of an organge banderole for "Kristdemokraterna" *accroding to Lisa ;) *



Postat av: Diana *^¤

I tought Russel walked with Folkpartiet. He carried an orange banner, Folkpartiet is....hmm, not orange, but I think they're more likely to have orange than Kristdemokraterna.
Hmm, anyway, Pride was fun:P

2007-08-07 @ 18:15:06
Postat av: Diana *^¤

oh, in other words: Lisa, you are worng!!

2007-08-07 @ 18:16:17
Postat av: Anonym

jag sa ju folkpartiet!!! erik!! du vet ju det

2007-08-10 @ 23:11:30

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