Computers are a mystery

Computers are a mystery

Today I’ve spend 5 hours on trying to fix our computer, I got so mad! You see, I had been working with my Swedish analysis for 3-4 hours, I thought I should take a break, so I did. I didn’t turn of the computer, this “vänteläge”. After been out cycling for an hour I came back and guess what!? It didn’t start!!! I got soo furious, all that I had written was now gone, I couldn’t get it now; it was stuck inside the computer. So I began working to fix it and I must say it didn’t go that well during the first hour. But then I called to our support and they said that they had to send it to Västerås for two weeks and I said no way, because I need the document for Tuesday. So I hung upped the phone and removed the two hard disks in the computer. Unfortunately you just can’t take out them and connect them to another computer with an USB. After been sitting 3 hours decided to call Marcus Palm he could help me with my problem. I told him about my problem and he just said that I could come over to him to fix everything, really cool of him! I came home to him and we sorted the problem. But here’s what made sooo angry. At the time I came home I putted the hard disks that I took out and just for fun I pushed start button and could you guess what happened! IT STARTED! I don’t know what I did but it started! All that time I spend trying finding what was wrong, taking out the HD and going to Marcus to get the document was all wasted because now the computer worked! Okey, of course I’m happy that it works but how come it don’t work when you need it the most, Computers are a mystery that’s my conclusion for today and that cycling without gloves with 5 minus in the air neither works.


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Varför känns det som att "Juggesmongo" är Jerkan ;P

2007-01-21 @ 12:47:54

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