Oh My God


I can’t take it anymore, swimming is killing me, fast or slow I don’t know but I’m sure it’s going slow that hurts the most. Today as you understand Philip and I had our first swim training and I would say that he tortured us! You see after 3 weeks of sitting infront of the computer doing nothing at all you shouldn’t get a hard training to begin with! That’s wrong, (according to me). Maybe I should tell you what we did, yes. To begin we always do a warm up and that is normally swimming 200 meters, this time we got more than twice 500 meters and that’s not all of it. Then he said to us that we would swim about 60 25 meters lengths. We never do that much! It was a disaster, Philip and I were the only ones who did 60 honest ones the rest were just goffing around the pool. I think that totally Philip and I swam more than 1.5 km! Okey for you who read this, maybe have problem to imagine how much this actually is.

I’m not ready yet, but soon... After the training we showered for a long time, that felt really nice. However when I came out my mom wasn’t there, I thought that she was a bit late only but it was more than “a bit”, after been waiting outside for 25 minutes I began going to the trainstation and after 5 minutes I meet my mom on the way. I actually looked a bit funny when I stepped into the car, I was a snow man =) Sounds good but the fact is that I was freezing soo much, the strange is that it wasn’t so cold outside ^o)  But then it hit me, it wasn’t the cold that was making me freeze it was the wind and my jacket isn’t that much of a wind stopper. WTF am I writing! Who the f**k cares about my jacket or if I was freezeing a lot! Gosh, I write about soooo not interesting subjects! I’ll stop writing now, promise.

Good Night!

Postat av: Ers Nåd

Haha, Erik you keep writing whatever you feel like writing and I promise you that people will read ;) They care about windstopping jackets.


2007-01-12 @ 16:37:30
URL: http://www.nogg.se/nescience
Postat av: Joelle

It's a hard day nothing but a hard day :P

2007-01-14 @ 17:00:37
URL: http://amerla.blogspot.com

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