Skins to your IPods and Laptops!

Hello everyone!

How are you doing?! I'm fine! My sister found a website called, were you can find skins to your iPod and laptop. The website is REALLY cool you definitely need to check it out, so I link it again (unnecessary maybe...) .... I first looked for my iPod video but then I saw that they also offer skins to your laptop, 15"... I began searching and I found out quite soon they have the same skins for iPods and laptops, which is really cool that too :p (Erik is Hyper at the moment). I looked at two which I liked quite much but there are many more that I also like, but you can only have one on your computer, unfortunately...

Here are the links for those I like "most"...

The Reptile skin!
For Laptop

For Ipod

The "Endless Summer" skin!
For Laptop

For Ipod

However check out the website you will find many cool skins, with an art of touch on someones!


Postat av: Sofia

I loved the reptile skin! :D Soo cool!

2007-07-22 @ 23:09:53

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