Pirates of the caribbean At world's end

Pirates of the Caribbean At worlds end, is a magnificent and intensive movie! I came home for about 30 minutes ago from the cinema, after have seen At worlds end. The movie for filled all my expectations it, it even surprised me to an extent. Everything in the movie was fantastic, actors make the movie, specially; (Johnny Depp, Orlando, Knightley, Geoferry Hush (Barbossa)), the music turns the movie into life (Hans Zimmer, ) the special effects also helps the movie turn into one of the greatest movie?s!... I would recommend all of you to see the movie, listen to the music afterwards, and just find inspiration of everything!


It so nice that the makers of the movie decided to bring old ?jokes? form the other to movies into the third one! I also laughed so much, the scene when the BIG 6 meet to negotiate before the big fight? You can see the camera filming all of them, and when they come to Wiliam, Lord Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones, I laughed so much, sine Davy Jones can?t step on land except for each 10 years, he is standing in big wood-bowl filled with water. And just the humor is so funny!


I just love Pirates of the Caribbean! Don?t you?



Cheers Erik/



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