My Network doesn't work, which is really annoying, my msn stop working and everything just get to a mess, as my life currently. I’m going to bed now a short post today, feel kind of bad, never mind…



Only 20 days left to Christmas Vacation

No Headline

One thing that's good is that there's....

Only 22 days left for Christmas Vacation!

Maybe Back on Track

Hey, everybody!

I'm sorry for not writing in my blog, it may improve depending on how I feel. The last couple of days have been really messy for me, read a strange book in Swedish (I’m having a presentation on Thursday, wonder how that will go…), feels like I’ve been doing nothing (it’s maybe because I’ve done anything) I just don’t feel for doing anything, now it just can’t be worse. I just want to stay at home sleeping, and thinking of things that I shouldn’t be thinking about. How come the “things” I love most seems not to like me, it never had done, but this time it was different, however it was NOT I thought and hope without good result, I’ll never be that lucky guy. I thought it liked me, I tried to be as perfect for you I thought it meant anything for you, but I was wrong terribly wrong. The way you held my hand, the way you gave my inspiration back, taking my life seriously gave me new fresh hope. Suddenly it was tear down, in only a couple of sentences… (Everything is fine if I say so) imo maybe not, because that’s wrong, everything isn’t “Okey”, but some how I don’t want you to feel regretful. I just want it to understand what had happened…






Today it was my brother’s birthday the 22nd of November (for those who feel lost ;) He has finally become a teenager, officially. He said this morning that he felt like have grown a couple of centimetre throughout the night. Maybe he did, but I don’t know I didn’t see any difference, I didn’t say that. We sang to him this morning and I could see that his smile was a little bigger since I last saw him smiling. We brought my brother a new Ipod 2Gb, colour silver, he was really happy about it, in the morning I transferred a couple of songs to it. This made him happy; my present was the game “NFS Carbon”. I only have to install on the computer, then he can play it.

This evening we went to the “CAS fair” which was actually a flop, no one came, and it was compulsory however the information hadn’t come out to many in our class. But any ways, those who were there had fun =) and got lots of ideas. But, I talked to Diana that we’ll do better than current IB1 did, don’t you agree!!! Maybe inform the next Pre-Dp that it’s compulsory on CAS Fair, and also convince more parents to come, because it was to few there tonight.


I’m not going to write any more…



Just one thing more, reminding you that there is only 29 days left until Christmas Vacation!!!

New James Bond Movie - Casino Royale!

At exactly 21:07, I was surfing on and found out that the new James Bond movie already was on the net!!! I was so surprised it often takes quite a long time for new movies to come out with good quality, but this was already out! I began downloading it directly and tomorrow morning I will have it ;) and maybe I’ll see it in the weekend if there’s going to be anyone. I went on and checked the “user rating” of the movie, which was 8,2 of 10 possible. It’s actually rare that movies like James Bond get that good rating, I really hope it will exceed over my exportations, and I’m really furious about the new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, never heard of him, some say he’s good, some say he sucks. But I think actually he did well in this movie! However Roger Moore will always be the best “James Bond” actor according to me. He was very good in the movie “Moonraker”, but isn’t his best movie. Never mind, back to the new James Bond movie. Yay, first when I was the name Casino Royale, I was surprised about the name, because it doesn’t sound much as a James Bond movie for me. But maybe it will do after I’ve seen it, I don’t know :P


Bye bye, dear readers, that was all for today!


31 days left to Christmas Vacation! (Thx, Nienke she remind me, applauds )


Today’s good song: Jambo Jambo    (Waring African music)

Andersson's new car :D

Hello dear readers!


Week 46 is finally over! This weekend it has happened quite a lot in the family Anderson’s on the street, Beachstreet 11. The biggest event is...... The family has get rid of the "Chrysler Grand Voyager LX" and have adopted a new car: " Volkswagen Touran Highline 2.0 TDi " The family is really happy about the car, the engine is the best: a two point zero liter diesel engine with a turbo :D You see our last car was big comfortable but when it came to speed and power it sucked! The new car is smaller but speed and power have increased amazingly much, which I like now when I’m going to begin driving, and maybe some day in the future I’ll pass the theory test. Enough talking about the car and dreams about getting driving license.


I just going to inform you about one last thing, It’s only 32 days left to Christmas Vacation!:D


Hello all readers! First I want to apologies for not being so updated with my blog, the thing is I haven’t had the motivation to write or time but I’ll try to do better from me. Today Philip and Poryia was at my house, we were watching the movie “Superman Returns” the task was to choose a scene for our Swedish project, it ended up us sitting watching the whole movie. Not exactly how I wanted to be, during the whole movie I could have done some other homework or study to our Swedish test. (You see how I’m, I NEVER can relax without thinking that maybe another friend in my class – at the moment I’m watching a GOD dam movie I already have seen, sitting and studying) I only can see movies when I’m together with them. In the way I think, it frighten me. I try to get it out of my head, but the more I try, the more it gets stuck in my head. I don’t what to do any more I’ve spoken to my dad: answer: Mmm… Me (Great)… I always have the feeling of I need to study or ells I’ll fail, I get really stressed sometimes so much that I often I get lost… Of course this never occurs outside my head; everything is tide up to my head. The view from outside is that you are Mr. Perfect, but that’s what makes it most depressing when you know yourself that’s not true.

Thx, for taking time, before leaving read this text... Maybe you'll recognize it.


I open my eyes
I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light
I can't remember how
I can't remember why
I'm lying here tonight

And I can't stand the pain
And I can't make it go away
No I can't stand the pain

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
Got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Everybody's screaming
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
I'm slipping off the edge
I'm hanging by a thread
I wanna start this over again

So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can't explain what happened
And I can't erase the things that I've done
No I can't

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
Got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

I made my mistakes
Got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

In my way of counting it's 34 days left to Christmas Vacation

A Beautiful Christmas Tree

A Beautiful Christmas Tree

A Beautiful Christmas Tree just to remind you that's only 35 Days left to Christmas Vacation!

Cheers Mates:D

11 Coments on 24 Hours

Hmm, this is quite sick, hmm in 24 hours I have received 11 COMMENTS!!! But the thing is, the comments aren’t pointed to me! It’s like a war between Sally and Diana, or that’s how I see it. But some were actually pointed to my blogg, Anna you got a extra plus ;-) continue like that and I’ll like more than everyone ells =P So Diana and Sally stop using my Comment window (or whatever it’s called) as battle field! Okey?? Good, now what’s next on my list, to talk about here on the blogg…
Aha now i remember.... So today we got back our “Romananalys” and I was actually really happy:D Because she LIKED IT! This is actually BIG BIG news, you see the grade I so far got from Lena was G+ MAX VG-….  But here it comes today… (You know this music, when something is really exciting | imagine you hear it) Because she wrote in the back of my analysis “Riktigtbra” Which is a lot better comments than I’ve received. So I'm so happy about it :-D and let me be if for a little longer, until the test on week 47, because it will go BAD...  but that's not the right spirit! I should encourage myself  that it'll go well! However, I 'm finished  for today

Peace out! Leave comment!  =)

Forgot a important thing! The count down!

It's 36 days left until Christams Vacation

Short "Inlägg"

I've decided to write a short inlägg today, because a lack of ideas and not feeling for writing today.... Hopefully it turns around. I'm finishing this VERY long "inlägg" now, which inlcude only two sentence and 55 of words.

With only one thing to remind you of:

It's only 38 days until Christmas Vacation :-D

"Sickla Köpkvarter"

Today I went with my sister and my mom to "Sickla köpkvarter" to buy a gift to my dad; you know its "Fathers day" on Sunday 12th of November. However we got to Sickla and we didn't not know what to buy, we went around checking for things, my dad don't like "stuff” that aren’t useful. So we decided to buy an article of dress (klädelsplagg) for him. We went to H&M but we didn’t find anything there, instead we went to Best of Brands and actually found a nice sweater from Boomerang, it was brown, with squares that were grey, really nice =) After being in the mall for 1-2 hours I was really tiered, I always get tiered when I’m shopping, never mind after we found the sweater we went to Akademins Bokhandel, I brought a new book from Dan Brown “Digital Fortress” seems really good =) I wanted another too but I have to wait because the book wasn’t on pocket which I like more than the bigger and harder books. I’ll read these books during the Christmas vacation =) which is quite soon to be exactly it’s 40 days left counting tomorrow!

Please leave a short comment if you read this, it makes me feel happy =)

40 days left to Christmas vacation

Bad Day - Early Day

Dear Blog!


Today I had a bad day! My maths skillz sucks, I've to take everything slow while most of the others in class just understand it perfectly. I wonder what I should do; it seems so hard and difficult Maths HL. All most everyone jumps from HL to SL, today I found out that three more persons in IB2 have jumped HL. There are many reasons, but I won’t talk about them because I’m not so sure about them. I’m going to write much because I’m going to bed soon; I want to listen to music for long time before I sleep. But before going to bed I’ll write some more, exercise, and take a shower, so I have to hurry up! Today I looked trough my notes from Swedish and my conclusion is that I only have the book to use for preparing the test on week 47. My handwriting is so bad that I don’t see what I write any more, that’s not the only thing it feels that I wrote down the most Important things she said, so by the moment it feels like the F is the predicated grade on the test. But I’ll do my best… Tomorrow the maths test I think it will go well, much better than the Swedish.



Good night reader!






Today’s song: Bad day – Daniel Powter


Hello to you who read this!



I’ve dried out of inspiration, (Have I ever had one?? Don’t think so) never mind! I just want to write something here in the blog, but it won’t have any importance, I think but if I come up with something while writing it maybe get seriously. So hmm what did I do today, except for school I don’t want to talk about it! (Makes me stressed, because of…) Not school… what ells can I talk about instead. Hmm, small things like had my first headache last I had it was very long time ago, it wasn’t that fun. I don’t take these stupid tablets, Alvedon, Ibumetin and so on, there’s a whole world of medicine that makes you feel “good” for a short time, but in the long time you get sicker! But that’s just my opinion! So I came home today and ate a plate of Allbrand began with maths did 43 exercise from Exercise 21-27, just to repeat it. Did that to until dinner was ready, Ahh I forgot to say that An Inconvenient Truth, Brother Bear 2, Sweet Home Alabama. But never mind I ate dinner and went straight away down to continue with the biology report, after TWO HOURS of painting I was ready! I’m actually ashamed because it was so little but I did again and again but I never got as I wanted! Okey, so far I just talked lots of bullshit, but I don’t know what ells to write about!



Now I just stop writing this wasn’t that fun! Neither for you readers. I try to find a new inspiration source until next time --> which happens to be tomorrow!

What's going on!

Hello dear Blog!

I want to start with saying: What’s going on! There're many strange things going on in school includes (relations, IB subjects), with myself, my computer, the electricity, and some other things I don’t remember now. But it’s creepy I’ll come soon to why, but at least what I know Halloween is over right, that will not include Ghosts and over dynamical creatures who are responsible for these strange things happening.


So first… what the hell has happened during week 44!! First a couple breaks (I won’t say any names) then there’s another who gets together (Can you say so:S) and then another, OMG that’s like 6 persons included! Hmm, just a bit strange but I’ll live with it, actually it’s not that hard:P but any was! These things are strange…

Then we come to the IB and subjects, hmm I like going from the other to the other ALL the time! I can’t decide what to take, Economics HL (btw I’ve learned how to spell businessJ) History HL or maybe Psychology SL, everything is just a mess! Then the MATHEMATICS, I want to take HL and going to… But I have some kind of a brake that makes me say no! Don’t you do that! You will regret it! You WILL fail! What should you do when you have this brake! Talk to someone, maybe or maybe not! Talk to Tos, no he doesn’t take me seriously, My sister --> has Studies! Talk to my dad, I don’t thing so, don’t know why but it’s just like that! So I talk to……. Never mind.

Btw, here comes some NOT interesting information about my computer. It’s so LAAAAZY, it doesn’t keep up with my tempo while writing, it’s like sloooow motion (not slow, but sloooow) you get me ;) I hate slow computers, but some times I feel sad for them. Look: When a computer is slow, where do you hit!? The “screen” of course! But for reel it’s the box on the floor (the computer) that is lazy! The screen is much faster! But not so many knows this, so they hit the innocent screen! Think about this next time you are up to hit a computer ;P Btw, new films coming up:  

  -  An inconvenient truth (Good quality)   4,3 Gb

  -  The whole Prison Break Season 1 (Good quality)   23 Gb

  -  Brother Bear 2 (I know child movie, but its good I’ve heard, thou it’s old)  ~ 4Gb

  -  Sweet Home Alabama (Good quality, nice movie nice song) ~ 4Gb


Much more to come…. This is for now! Take care! (I don’t know who, but maybe you;)

Song - Love Shine a Light

It's quite late, I was considering going to bed but I'm going to stay up for a little while. Here's a song text I liked and also the instrumental part.

Love shine a light, in every corner of my heart
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Lite up the magic in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light, in every corner of my dreams
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Like the mighty river, flowing from the stream
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of my dreams

And we're all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light a way
Brother's and sister's, in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light, in every corner of the world
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Light up the magic, for every boy and girl
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of the world

And we're all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light a way
Brother's and sister's, in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of my heart

And we're all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light a way
Brother's and sister's, in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of my heart
Shine a light, in every corner of my heart

Instrumental music + movies + games

Dear Blog!

I have nothing to do; I’m sitting here in my room doing nothing for the moment. I’m already done with the Swedish novel analysis, Soo happy :D (some last adjustments have to de done)  But now I only have the biology report left, but I can’t do it, because I forgot my instruction paper at school (Bugger --> “Captain” Jack Sparrow) really clumsy! But I’ll live, hopefully. School starts soon again, (Jippie, Ooh, I-I mean shit, I don’t want to go to school :P) and we’re having the maths test on Wednesday I’m actually getting really nervous because I don’t know if I know everything (but inside I feel that I know it) but you never know! I’ve study so much for it and I really hope the result, of right answer exceeds 98% (A) I would actually be proud over myself if I got it! Let see, history I’ve made the homework already, but I’m having difficulties to define “Humanism”. However, today I played some guitar and my sister sang, it sounded quite good, some parts of a song (For you who just love details ;) it was the song called "Angel Dust" Di-Rect) I have to practise a bit more.


Yesterday night I downloaded some really good music, it was instrumental, but anyway. Most of them were famous pianists (Yanni, Tchaikovsky, and Liberace):



  • In the Morning Light
  • Almost A Whisper
  • Nostalgia
  • Until the Last Moment
  • Chariots Of Fire
  • On Sacred Ground


  • Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet
  • Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy
  • 1812 Overture
  • Nutcracker Suite - Waltz of the Flowers


  • Theme from 'New York, New York'


  • Nog een keer
  • Afscheid
  • Hou me vast

Katrina and the Waves:

  • Love shine a light


Plus I downloaded two movies and one game: Brother Bear 2, and Getaway in Stockholm 7 Need for Speed Carbon Collectors.



Today’s song: Love Shine a Light

Chinese Picture

Chinese Picture

Yesterday - Today

Yesterday some friends and I went home to Anna to spend a nice time together. We ate nice food and saw two nice movies (Pirates Caribbean Dead Mans Chest, “Freds mäklaren”), we had a really nice time. First we were five persons but after dinner Kevin joined us, we walked down to the train station to meet him there. I think that is was a miracle that NO one slipped on the ice (Except for me), the ground was so slippery. But we manage to come back to Anna’s house without any injuries. Philip, Nienke and I stayed to about 12:15 (I think) we walked down to the train station, before at Anna’s house her dad said that the next train would go at 12:36, so me and Nienke walked instead (Philip walked another way). When we came home to Nienke we said goodbye and I walked home and I was actually scared for once! There wasn’t that much light and it was totally dark outside, I thought I heard that someone was walking behind me all the time so I turned around but there wasn’t anyone there (Creepy). So I began to run and I came home about one a clock. My mom was half awake as usually, but I went directly to bed!



Early this morning my dad woke me up at 7:45 because he needed his train-card, so my morning got ruined. *Suck* But I went up, and ate some breakfast took a shower cleaned my room, okey it wasn’t that much to clean but I did it anyway. I began with my Swedish novel analysis and so far I’ve actually made some progress 534 WORDS!!! YeahJ But there’s still more to write but I got three days more. It feels good having all the maths done, so I don’t have to worry about it (But I’m worried, bugger) There are some exercises on exercise 17,19 that I don’t understand, I’ll talk with Sally, Nienke, or Diana they probably know how to solve them. I’m sure they know it (Right).



So now the sun has gone for sleep, I feel like doing the same but the msn (friends), guitar, music, downloading makes me not doing that. Today I also have repeated a song called “Time of your life” Greenday. For those who read this download songs from them or buy, or say to me to send you some songs from them. Their genre is punk/punkrock but Time of your Life is actually not.

But this is for now, maybe more coming later I’ll see, maybe some Physics talk :D

Bye bye!

Melting Snow!

From the 31th of October to the evening of 1th November it had fallen about 10-15 cm snow. Really nice! But as I'm sitting here in the afternoon of 2th November I can see how the snow it's disappearing for each second. The sun rays heat the snow, so it turns to water. The sealevel is so high that my family’s brew is almost under water this isn’t good. I would like it to have it like this: From a specific date like 1th of December it will snow and the temperature will always stay bellow 0 so the snow won't melt :D Think about it, it would be really nice. Knowing when it's going to snow! Okey, I know that it's impossible but it would be really nice, if it was possible!


This morning I woke up at 8:41, I went directly to the window and pulled up my curtain. First thing I saw were millions of snowflakes falling from the sky. Jippie, we got snow for the first time this year after the spring and it is the 1th November, what a coincided. But as the snowflakes landed on the ground they disappeared. While I was standing looking out my window I remember our classmate Victor from Brazil, he has never seen snow, so I wondered how he reacted when he saw the snow. Surprised, Confused, Disappointed, Cold, I think he would react as surprising. After watching out through my window I went up for breakfast, I took a shower and dressed myself. There is more to come!

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