New start - Annihilation = Physics

So here we fucking go again (sry for the language) but this blogg has just DELETED the entire text I spend 3 hours writing!! Give me a break, ffs! But as I told Anna she said that I would get a present if I did it again, maybe not so much text as last time, but I'll do it.

Okey, I heard about everyone having one blogg and reading each others stuff and talking about it and bla bla bla. This seemed fun, so I decided to try having a blogg. But as you read my first "inlägg" was deleted by and I'm not so happy about it. Okey, never mind lets get down to busines (okey I'm considering taking HL Economics next year and don't know how to spell busines, is that bad???).
So the first impression on this blogg is its name --> Annihilation wtf is that! For those who are fashions freaks and just like pink, should STOP reading this NOW because now it's getting into Physics:D Hmm, were to begin, everyone knows that everything is made of atoms; ( hairspray, water, trees, cars, forks, and even ourselves are just maybe by atoms. "Scary i think so". There are about 120 different elements another name for atom. They differ very much from each other but has the very same structure; Protons +, Electrons - and neutrons o. All elements have these particles. Everything we have is made of matter --> atoms and so on. But here comes the exciting thing, scientists have found something called ANTImatter. This is gave scientists a hole new vision of how the big bang was created. As you can hear on the name is the anti of the matter, and if you're smart you could by this time had figure it out that it most be the opposite charges of the protons and electrons. Look a normal subatomic particle (P, E, N) have the charges P+, E-, No. But the antimatter is like this: Protons have - negative charge and the Electrones has a + positive charge and the neutrone i don't know, (lol). But any way, the charge has change but also the name of electron a antimatter electron is called --> Positron and Antiproton.
Assume we have a normal hydrogen, p+ e- AND a antihyrdogen, p-, e+. These atoms have different charges. The two atoms will attract each other and when they collide lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots (breating, I think you get the point) of energy will arise in the form as photons, this process is called "annihilaion". When this occur it gets worse than a nucler explosion. You see, if it comes out that terrorist has a antimatter bomb, i would advise you to not being in our galaxy, because it's really going to blow!!
As you see the antimatter is kind of a big bomb when it collides with normal matter. But think like this also: if we could learn how to control the antimatter, then we wouldn't have an energy problem. Because of all the energy that arises from antimatter colliding with matter, if we could learn how to absorb this energy it would solve the whole energy problem on earth. Okey I only have one thing left to say then I think I’m finished, why did I chose this name then “Annihilation”, there is only one reason, because this is soooo interesting according to me, so yes I’m a “geek” who the fuck likes this, maybe Einstein (Oh he’s already dead, darn I’m the only one, that likes it.

Now I could those to talk more, but I don't have the energy for it, so I'll stop here and maybe continue tomorrow or tonight depending on how my bloodsugar rate is.

This is actually my second "inlägg" but as the first one was deleted I’ve just maybe one now. All of you who read this will notice that my English --> SUCKS, but I hope it will improve as time goes by. Now I'm finished! Wait not yet, save this text on word after that I'm finished :D

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