Everything doesn't work out as they should

Today I realized that everything doesn?t work out as it should? Just a ?no important thing? to know in my house we?ve started to renovate our ?small? bathroom in our first floor. To connect this to the headline, we went in just to make a makeover of the bathroom changing the floor, shower cabin, toilet and etc. But today it showed out that our sewer system is almost broken, the pipe on the ground is like ?kaput?. So? from being just changing some stuff we maybe have to break up the whole floor in our laundry room, hmm troubles??? Never mind, it was just crazy according to me, how something so small can be a large thing, funny?

I wanted to say that the blogging had had a small break, but maybe now when we have the most to do in school it will get better, isn?t it logical??? I?m currently sitting and listening to Jason Marz ?I?m yours? and it just so strange, I?m sitting in my room writing stuff that is sooo not important, you know what the funny part is??? that?s you?re reading it right now in this second when somewhere a person was killed or raped, isn?t that just amazing, not that someone was killed or raped, that you actually reading this crap! That?s just amazing? (Richard you will not be allowed leaving comments on this entry since I don?t want to be ?sågad? ;) The song has now changed to John Tesh a great saxophonists name of the song ?Piano in the dark? and actually it?s dark outside not a single photon is reflected by sun since the earth is in its own way? Ok, yaya no physics talk :P

My sister is taking the upper-secondary final examination à studenten, in almost a month my parents are on full speed of planning the invitation, food, tents or I don?t how they are going to work it out inviting 60 people :S. As my mom says: we have a ?ay que royo?!

So I wrote a very unserious entry, I?ll do better next time, promise =)

Good Night people!

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