Summer of 2006 in Oxford


Today I looked trough pictures from the summer of 2006 when I saw in Oxford on a course, and suddenly I got so many memories from those three but special weeks in Oxford. All my friends that I met there was seriously soo good people; they were made by sweetness and generosity. I think that I’ve learned to know about 30 whole new people but 10 where my closes friends. Though I went to Oxford for “preparing” for IB I had soo much fun, after the first week I hadn’t learned all my friends so I thought that it sucked but the first or second day it just went to the opposite suddenly it just dropped in new ‘people’ from everywhere. They had been there all the time we had seen each other in corridors but never spoken. So you can say the beginning of ‘trip’ was boring but then it turned out to be the best three weeks that I’ve ever experienced! Here are some nice pictures from the three special weeks in Oxford!

Big Ben and the gang

Tha gang and the Big Ben in the background

Trafalga square

Seba and Maurice Burger!

Sebastian (My room mate) and Maurice Burger as a Burger =)

Party Party!

Party Party


Jay the coolest "activity leader" in Oxford!

Peter and Han Rui

Blue T-shirt: Han Rui (Henry the smartest person on earth from Turkey) and Peter from Poland also a great guy!

Almost all of the friends in this picture!

Some friends (I know bad pictures I blame it was night)

The nice town "Summer Town"

The cute little town "Summertown"

My room

My room in Oxford when I'd just arrived

Patrick Obvidolski tired as you lots of chicha

Lots of Chicha (Waterpipe as you see)

Leonardo (Leo) Smokes Chicha

Leonardo (Leo) goes wild with the waterpipe, I must say that it was A LOT of smoke though it may not seem like that...

Digital Magma

Digital Magma







Static picture


It's back where it belongs

I've finally recived back my computer from Germany, the HDD (Harddisk) have been exchanged for a new, cleaning parts and recovery system has been updated. I just feel a little bad because all my works that I've done troughout my life was on the HDD that's been removed, or wait also my pictures, songs, movies and programs have also been removed. I just say that it was a really good lesson, from now and so on I will continuously make a backup on the whole computer.

Now l will repeat the biology,

See you!


As you see the "side" has unfortunately been moved down on the page, I think I did something wrong when I was trying out new things. However now I can't get the "side" back up it always stays at the bottom of the page. Maybe some one who's good at this can help me, I would be very grateful... Any one please help me!

Kind regards,




That’s how it’s done! Finally I know a little more about HTML-codes, I kind of like it… As you see I’ve managed to change colours of headers, which is very impressive of me. Because I’ve always thought that HTML is something I will never learn, however so far it’s gone fairly good. My sister is a master of HTML according to me, I asked her for help and she knew exactly what I’ve done wrong. But she have known HTML since she got a user account on “playahead”, unfortunately I haven’t been that lucky. My skills are limited to a certainty extent.

My next mission is to change “side” from left to right, that would be much better. However so far it has been impossible, I’ve tried but it just didn’t work, everything just got messed up! So I have a goal and as Machiavelli said “use whatever methods that’s necessary to achieve your goal” I’m going to follow him, no matter what I will get the “side” to the right…

Optical Illusion

Optical illusions are very cool, I found some today on google, try them it really works!

Optical Illusion

Koncentrate on the four dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 seconds

Then shut your eyes

After a few seconds you'll recognize the man that shows up

Opticall illusion

How many legs does the elephant have?

Opticall illusion

Are the lines straight?                                 Answer: Yes

Opticall illusion

Nothing is moving! Or?

Computers are a mystery

Computers are a mystery

Today I’ve spend 5 hours on trying to fix our computer, I got so mad! You see, I had been working with my Swedish analysis for 3-4 hours, I thought I should take a break, so I did. I didn’t turn of the computer, this “vänteläge”. After been out cycling for an hour I came back and guess what!? It didn’t start!!! I got soo furious, all that I had written was now gone, I couldn’t get it now; it was stuck inside the computer. So I began working to fix it and I must say it didn’t go that well during the first hour. But then I called to our support and they said that they had to send it to Västerås for two weeks and I said no way, because I need the document for Tuesday. So I hung upped the phone and removed the two hard disks in the computer. Unfortunately you just can’t take out them and connect them to another computer with an USB. After been sitting 3 hours decided to call Marcus Palm he could help me with my problem. I told him about my problem and he just said that I could come over to him to fix everything, really cool of him! I came home to him and we sorted the problem. But here’s what made sooo angry. At the time I came home I putted the hard disks that I took out and just for fun I pushed start button and could you guess what happened! IT STARTED! I don’t know what I did but it started! All that time I spend trying finding what was wrong, taking out the HD and going to Marcus to get the document was all wasted because now the computer worked! Okey, of course I’m happy that it works but how come it don’t work when you need it the most, Computers are a mystery that’s my conclusion for today and that cycling without gloves with 5 minus in the air neither works.


IB is moving...

Everything is just BAD so bad for the moment. IB is moving out from the school the blog sucks my back hurts (so I’ve learned the song Hurt – Johnny Cash) physics is hard, the swimming takes all the energy I have and I’m always tired (but everybody is that). Most chocking is that IB is moving out which is horrible! I don’t want to move… Don’t they ever ask them who’s going to be affected?! Apparently not! I’m mad not only that IB’s moving but also there’s nothing I can do. Yes I can make a protest list however Philip and I seem to be the only ones that wants to stay so there’s no option except to move with everyone ells.

Escaping the earth

Hello dear readers… If there’s any left

Today I feel for writing about science. I read an article in a magazine called “Illustrating Science” about if we ever will find another planet to live on. Hears some facts 99,9% of all the species that ever lived on the earth are extinct and sooner or later our time maybe also be to its end. However we can emigrate before it’s too late. Scientists have many proposals on how we can do this. In best cases in maybe just a 100 years, with speed of light, travel out to foreign stars.

I read about two possible theories of how we could travel outside our own solar system without waiting for a long time. These two theories are for the moment not possible to perform. However it’s interesting that someday it can be and will be used. Here are the two theories.

Ion rockets may be the solution on how we would travel outside the solar system. In an ion engine electrical field comes out in the end of a rocket which makes it accelerate. This is how the engine would work: Neutral xeonatoms would be spurt into a positive charged chamber called “Anod”. Electrons are protrude from a Katod into the chamber were the electrons smash with the xeonatoms, which becomes positive charged ions. The gas pressure in the chamber would be so intense that the ions would be pressed through the back end of the Anod. The process would move the rocket forward and accelerate and accelerate and accelerate until it reaches the absolute top speed à Speed of light.

The other theory which I like the most is that, antimatter would give us the push to reach out side the solar system. I’ve already explained how much energy is produced when antimatter and matter are joined together. This theory is actually not as complicated as the other one and here it is: Antihydrogen and hydrogen are stored in different tanks. The antihydrogen would be cooled down to the absolute zero point. The antimatter and matter are transported into the rocket engine and at the point when they meet the collision creates a cloud of small atomic particles, called Pioners. At the time the neutral pioners disappears, the charged pioners can be steered by a powerful magnetic field and in that way creates a rocket blaze.

So we have the right theories however we still don’t have the capability and need to do this, but sooner or later the doomsday will come and then we have to be prepared, though it’s a couple millions years to go.

Oh My God


I can’t take it anymore, swimming is killing me, fast or slow I don’t know but I’m sure it’s going slow that hurts the most. Today as you understand Philip and I had our first swim training and I would say that he tortured us! You see after 3 weeks of sitting infront of the computer doing nothing at all you shouldn’t get a hard training to begin with! That’s wrong, (according to me). Maybe I should tell you what we did, yes. To begin we always do a warm up and that is normally swimming 200 meters, this time we got more than twice 500 meters and that’s not all of it. Then he said to us that we would swim about 60 25 meters lengths. We never do that much! It was a disaster, Philip and I were the only ones who did 60 honest ones the rest were just goffing around the pool. I think that totally Philip and I swam more than 1.5 km! Okey for you who read this, maybe have problem to imagine how much this actually is.

I’m not ready yet, but soon... After the training we showered for a long time, that felt really nice. However when I came out my mom wasn’t there, I thought that she was a bit late only but it was more than “a bit”, after been waiting outside for 25 minutes I began going to the trainstation and after 5 minutes I meet my mom on the way. I actually looked a bit funny when I stepped into the car, I was a snow man =) Sounds good but the fact is that I was freezing soo much, the strange is that it wasn’t so cold outside ^o)  But then it hit me, it wasn’t the cold that was making me freeze it was the wind and my jacket isn’t that much of a wind stopper. WTF am I writing! Who the f**k cares about my jacket or if I was freezeing a lot! Gosh, I write about soooo not interesting subjects! I’ll stop writing now, promise.

Good Night!

First day at school...

Hello and sorry as I'll begin all of my entry's with.

Today, the first school day after about three weeks of holiday, which has been really appriciated? I think that the day was totally fine, okey every body was half a wake but still, it was a good day. Seeing every one from IB was fun, teachers, students and so on. (There aren't that many on that so on) However bad things always happens every day, today our beloved teacher told us about her cancer had come back =( and also that we already are almost full booked with new assignments. But this is what IB is about, right?

For the moment I’m writing this entry but before this, I read my Swedish novel and wrote my presentation on a biology article about a new idea for reducing the global warming. Then I also have managed together with my dad finding a solution of a problem that has been irritating us for a long time. Tomorrow, we have a maths class, Yippie for me and some other in the class that don’t have to make a maths test =) We’ll watch them who’s doing the test and stressed them A LOT (read my lips).


But cya guys tomorrow and good luck with the maths test!

The best start ever of the new year!

In my last entry I said that I would write more in my blogg, however I haven't been able to keep up to this. I spend the first day of this year in bed, what a good start! I hate being sick, however sometimes I wish I was sick to death. Horrible? Yes sometimes it makes me frightten but I'm used to it.... However I hope you all had a nice New Year and these first days of the new year.

Cheers Erik!

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