The Superbus, a limousine and a bus in one!

Today I received my monthly magazine "Illustrerande Vetenskap", as usually I read it out in just 30 minutes including the time it takes to check the websites. There was an article about the coming future bus, the Superbus. When I first heard the name I was thinking a normal SL bus however this one would be bigger (especially more wide). However when I read that the bus would be able to go up to 250 km/h I was chocked and understood that this wasn't a normal SL-bus in a bigger format. This was no normal bus or for that a normal transportation vehicle, when I later saw a model picture of how this bus would look like I was even more convinced that this was an extreme bus! It is a science team at the University in Delft in Holland which is developing this Superbus. It's supposed to have a special track were this bus will only travel at high-speed, up to 250 km/h. Roads will be built, from Amsterdam/Schiphol to Groningen/Leeuwarden the bus is supposed to travel on these roads and ONLY. The last picture shows the roads location in the country.

The Superbus has an advanced electronic technology, which reduces the risk for accidents very much. The bus would have radar which would scan the area of the road a couple hundred meters ahead, if any signs of an accident might occur the bus can make a hard application of the brakes and stop before reaching the object in the way. As you see bellow the Superbus had a design and aerodynamics as a Formula 1 car. Since the Superbus has the Formula 1 technology the bus has a high performance rate on the road. The Superbus is supposed to be a point-to-point transportation, and in order to make it happen an ordering system will be developed. This ordering system will make use of internet and SMS. The system will try to combine passengers with the same origin and destination as much as possible. This results in minimizing the number of stops needed during the trip.

The total costs of the design and development of an experimental demonstration vehicle is estimated to 8.5 million euro.






Is this a limousine or a bus? Or is it both in one ?

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Uncomfortable work time...

I just came in from "work" (22:40) been outside since 18:30 this evening working with our house. I was scraping the house and it was so hard to do it, my hands are hurting since you have to hold the scraper really hard while scraping! Ohh... To make it worse I woke at 8 this morning due to the sun light, that's the consequences' with having a big window, and you get more light into the room... So you can say that I'm really tired now! Before starting with the scraping I did actually windsurf for an hour or two and that was really nice though it didn't blow that much! My brother follow with me out to the water, he drove our little boat and took three pictures and made four short videos. It was very funny to see yourself on the video. One thing I noticed was that on the video it looks that you don't windsurf that fast, however in reality it feels much faster than it actually is. I have been thinking why it is like this, and I haven't yet come to any conclusion... (Stuff I think of, strange...)

Today I went into town and bought a new hard drive, the brand Iomega with 500 GB with free space (or actually 465 GB). I've been sitting and trying to make a recovery of my whole computer, it has taken a while around four hours of copying and extracting files to the new hard drive, but I finished for a little while. I'm considering going to bed but I'm kind of too tired to that so instead I will try to put up the three pictures from this afternoon.




Good Night!


Today's and yesterday's events

I had the change to convince my brother to go out and windsurf, and it was a lot of fun seeing him doing it... Not because he fell, just because he was really good actually! He learned today how to gain wind as much as possible. However in the beginning he float into our neighbor's boat and got stuck! The board's fin got tangled in a line and he had to jump into the water. He thought it was cold, but he actually had a wetsuit. During the time he was windsurfing I was driving our small boat and taking some pictures of him while surfing, here are some pictures!


The picture of the moon (at the bottom) I took today, this night... The moon was extremely big than normal this night! (I'm sorry but my camera couldn't get a good picture of it.)







Good Night People =)


Today I received my grades for the Pre-Dp year and I'm very surprised over the result. The "Estetisk Verksamhet" which was kind of my favorite subject since we only played music, I got a vg which I hadn't expected. I wonder what he was thinking doing his grades! However I got a vg in German and a vg in English, ouch... I was surprised that I got a vg in German, because... it's actually funny, I haven't done ANYTHING!  So I ought to get a g in the subject! And the third grade, English I'm not especially proud over. Okay, I knew that I would get vg, however English is what IB is ALMOST all about.... Yaya, you can improve and I will that's one of my promises to myself =)

I hope you all a satisfied with your results!!!

Have a very nice Midsummer's Eve  =)         

Oceans Thirteen

I just saw Ocean's Thirteen, and what can I say about the movie... It's a splendid movie or maybe just a flop, to make a comparison with the other movies, Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve. I must say that all of them are still into the same motives, robbing a casino. However this last movie of the Ocean's had actually gone a bit too far, though the movie was very well thought-out. I won't revile any special details, expect for making an earthquake without the forces of the ground must be much harder to perform, than how they make it on this movie.

What this movie gains votes on, is the actors; Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Al Pachino and many more actors. However those mentioned are to be given a great plus for their acting in this movie. My opinion is that; hopefully we won't have "to" see an "Ocean's Fourteen"...




Scientific truth

Every scientific truth goes through three states: first, people say it conflicts with the Bible; next, they say it has been discovered before; lastly, they say they always believed it.

Louis Agassiz

Usch usch usch...

Today the weather isn't nice at all... It's cloudy and you can feel the rain in the air, it's also humid but since it's cold 11 degreedes you don't feel it to much, and the worest part is that it's not windy. Philip and I had actually planned to do something today, however our planns have been ruined, due to the weather! So I've decided to put up some weather forecasts for the following days. Don't blame me if they're wrong, blame SMHI.

The weather for today


The weather for Monday


The weather for Thuseday


The weather for Wednesday


The weather for Thursday


What a day...

I woke up today at 8:45 á clock in the morning due to the light shining into my room, as always. I thought it was a nice day, at the same as I was staring out the window my brother came in and said that we are leaving in 40 minutes to go to town for some shopping! Of course I got a bit stressed and began hurrying up, while running up and down, back and forward, my dad came home from Thailand. When I was finished I almost hadn't any time saying Hi.. :P However we (Sofia, Björn, Mom and me) came into town very early and I must say, that I have started liking the town more... It's a total different feeling walking in town in the morning when no one's is around! So I've decided to go to town during mornings! After being in town I went home and did absolutely nothing for around 8 hours, it was very boring. However after I've eaten some old friends began collecting guys to play football, and of course I joined though my knee hurts very very much now after I played for 2 hours. (I'm a foolish guy, I know)

I want to say that all of you who reads my blogg you can ALWAYS count on me! Call me when you're up to anything, I have very much time that I don't know what to do with!

Hope you had a better day ;)

Song:  Traffic  -  DJ Tiësto

A pleasant evening

I just came home from Sally's "late" birthday party, which was very enjoyable, with a lot of very good food ( I like the olives A LOT) and very good friends! I don't have to name all of them that where there... However Kati was there and today it was the last time I/we saw her before she's going back to Germany! It has been wonderful learning to know Kati, she a very special person with a great personality. I hope she comes visiting us, or perhaps we can find some free time to visit her, that would also be very funny.


At Sally's "party" we also looked at a movie, Mean Girls. I told everyone that I didn't want to see the movie; however I and Philip were the only ones who refused or did speak up. The girls took our rights and putted on the movie. (It was okey, you were many more, so it was actually just right) The movie however was of course a really girl'ish movie, it all was about Girls Girls Girls and Girls! However Lindsay Lohan is very very beautiful, or at least she was on this movie. I've heard that she has loosed much weight!!! I just can't understand why, because she was FAT!!! I don't understand girls, why they all think there are FAT, ok all don't say it but you think it (I think)... You've already heard "Var nöjd med dig själv" "Du ÄR inte tjock" "Ät nu snälla, du måste äta" However the more you say these phrases, the less they appreciate themselves... Hmm, I wonder if someone has the secret medicine for Girls --> partly; to make them to believe in what guys tell them, (ok, mostly you listen, but when it comes to the Fat-problem, (hmm that doesn't sound nice, sry! ) you don't "listen") and to be happy with what they have and are. I think you all by now know that I'm not to happy with celebreties, and it's partly because of the celebrities creates the perfect looking?s, how you SHALL (in my opinion it should say; "Should) look to be beautiful. Everyone knows, you should be thin with beautiful hips not pointing out or something, you also should have a beautiful face, with eyes, mouth, cheeks, nose all flowing into each other.. Okey, I might be exaggerating, however this how it is... and it makes me sick! Ha! Now I've said it, I'm exhausted haven't feeling quite good lately not only referring to my knee...


Good Night everyone!


P.S. Bye bye Kati, I hope you all good luck in the future!!!

At last, the Summer vacation is here!

At last, at last it is officially now Summer vacation! Isn't it wonderful! Hah, yes I think so! Today we finally got our deserved vacation! The day started quite good, waking up at around seven this morning and just stretching my legs as far as I could. I looked out the window and I got the morning light right into my "night adapted eyes" ( =p ) So I closed my eyes again, but went upstairs to eat. After eating and getting ready for the day, I still had an hour and like 20 minutes to ten. To let the time pass by I sat down outside and listen to music, it was marvelous. At school we had a short ceremony with our mentors, after that we went to our auditorium to have another ceremony with the first and second year old classes. Where a band with eight graders played very bad rocksongs, imo. (last sentence grammar error)


The school ceremony wasn't long at all compared with other years, our headmaster Mr. Hont didn't held a 20 minutes speech lucky us! After school I went with; Philip, Diana, Anna, and Sally to a café here in Saltis, I ate two ice creams, I totally spend 34 kronor on ice-cream for ONE "Fika". After we've been sitting and eating we went for a walk and after that we splitted up for the day. I went home and ate lunch! With the stomach with plenty of food, I decided to windsurf for about two hours approximately. However after an hour, while surfing I stepped wrong on the board and flipped over, somehow I manage to hit my right knee (which I'd already injured yesterday) on the fen of the board. I got a "gash/jack" in my knee where I already had hurt myself. However I didn't notice this and didn't feel anything I just went going, but when I looked down I saw my whole leg full of blood and you can say that I almost fainted, because I dropped the sail and sat down on the small board and started to investigate the wound and when doing this I felt the salt water in it, and it "smarted" soo much. Trouble was that I was in middle of the sea and couldn't get any help. I didn't have any choice rather than windsurfing the wound and actually I'd already done that however that was unaware of the wound. I manage to get back to land and up for all the stairs to the house. I took the disinfecting-medium to clear the wound from any kind of dirt... Ah, and it "smarted" so much, that too... However after cleaning it, I placed a plaster on the wound. Oh, this day didn't turn out that lucky for me... So I kind of have maltreated my knee, I need to take it easy for a week, mom says..... And that sucks, I want to play football and many other things!



I hope you had a better day than me! Or did you not?


Song: Elements of life - Tiesto (The BEST DJ ever!!)

It's the end of the begining

The Pre-Dp year has finally and sadly come to an end. We are almost IB 1 and I think that we all are happy about it, however something that isn't so wonderful; is that two of our dearest friends are leaving us; to go back to their home countries (Kati and Victor we will miss you!). We had a "Goodbye party" to them at Andrea's house in Värmdö, and we had a great time! Everyone was laughing, having fun; eating, smoking, and drinking (Do NOT misinterpret that). It is with a honest heart I say that; All of you guys and girls in Pre-Dp, for me having the chance of being in your class has been extraordinary, I can really feel the "IB - Spirit". You have inspired me in many different ways each of one of you.

I hope that when we come back from our beloved Summer-vacation (with a big S) we are ready to step in. However you have to promise not to fall for the so called "IB diseases". This picture has been taken from the internet website "" (the one IB just loves, *ironic*) to explain the diseases. Hopefully now when you have the warning you won't be infected by the "IB - virus".
I might be scaring you a bit? Or?


Thank you for everything Pre-Dp!



I just want to tell you that we are ONE ****ing lesson and two days, from ending this term and Pre-Dp year! It's important that everyone understands the mening of this... How can time tick tack so fast, or it actually can, time is "man made" and not constant to a certain level, everyone knows it *almost*. Time can bend, which means that in theory (of course) we can move back and fowards in time... Maybe not a human, but "it" maybe can...

At 12 á clock on wednesday the 13th of June 2007 we all have finished the preparation year to the IB-diploma, now starts hell! However before that we have 10 weeks of the so called VACATION, without stepping our feets in the school buildings. But where to step then??? I would say that if you step into a plane, take the other foot and step too ;) If you take a step into the sand take the other too. If you step into the water with one foot, (and the water is warm, without any; "burning-jellyfish", algies, and small kids runing around peeing in the water) then take the other foot too! Yoa understand me?! Good...

Soo remember, we are ONE ****ing lesson and two days, from ending this term and Pre-Dp year!

Now I'm going out playing football!

Dreams, and Nightmares

What is a dream?

"A dream is the experience of a life-like sequence of images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep, especially REM sleep." Statistics shows that almost every person has dreams, in some way. We all do have our dreams, unfortunately we sometimes forget them. The REM sleep (REM sleep, is when the eyes go at all directions, left, right, up and down, while sleeping.) happens in intervals during the night, and it's often in the mornings when we finish our "sleep" that we can remember the most recent ones. "When I shut my eyes and start thinking the dreams come back, and I can see what I had dreamed about" This is how it works for some, others... Can see pictures (most common) when they have open eyes, as if you are looking at something and suddenly you see a flash, just for half a second, however your brain takes up the flash and tries to see or hear, what you've just experienced. The dreams are always known as the beautiful ones, "flying in the sky" "walking on white clouds" "seeing yourself holding up a cup/goblet."

How about the nightmares, which we also experience during the nights, many persons have tried to get rid of them without any success and with success. A definition of a nightmare can be:

"The current usage of the term nightmare refers to a dream which causes the sleeper a strong unpleasant emotional response. Nightmares typically feature fear or horror, and/or the sensations of pain, falling, drowning or death." Many persons have claimed that each person has many sides, and according to Eugene Aserinsky it's under the nightmares we see parts of ourselves which we don't see otherwise. What experience that turns into a nightmare to us depends on everything.... Tragedies, death, sickness, mental stability, medicines, social life, childhood, the list is very long. I think that we all (maybe) have experienced once that you have had the feeling of falling down in a nightdream, and when you hit the floor (in the dream), you wake up with a scream and you feel the sweat on your night clothes. Another person, had a nightmare of falling down, however each time he reached the floor, the nightmare continued, still falling... ?

The time is 8:04 PM, one hour and 36 minutes have already been used. The unawareness of time does and doesn't help you! The morning light, is currently shining through the cloudy sky, the seagull has a deafening noise which start the tick tack bomb, the wind direction is south with a light breeze, the neighbor is starting its boat to collect its new '"good catch" of fish, still four out of five a sleeping only one being awake, how come? Is it really the sun filling up the its room with light or is it just a bad dream that won't end, I hope not. Though the beautiful morning destroying a sleep, it's rescuing the life of it (him), nightmare, nachtmerrie, mareride, cauchemar, or maybe be pesadilla with its impact on me, the life doesn't seem reel, with no thought in mind, the blood is knocking the head, the heart losing its sparkle, as in the fire using the difficult sprinkler at Andrea chocking the fire to its death. Why in God's name? It was necessary, the blood has already been spilled no "one" can make a difference, but many can hinder it from happening just using their heart, using it to see the miserable and mistaken world, until that day we will still live as individuals. This confusing, ambiguous, complicated and contradictory paragraph; is a mystery, no hard feelings not understanding it, since it owner hasn't figured out everything yet.

The distance between the nucleus of an atom and the electron (which form the atom) is an immense distance, meaning that we consist of emptiness to a certain extent.

Pirates of the caribbean At world's end

Pirates of the Caribbean At worlds end, is a magnificent and intensive movie! I came home for about 30 minutes ago from the cinema, after have seen At worlds end. The movie for filled all my expectations it, it even surprised me to an extent. Everything in the movie was fantastic, actors make the movie, specially; (Johnny Depp, Orlando, Knightley, Geoferry Hush (Barbossa)), the music turns the movie into life (Hans Zimmer, ) the special effects also helps the movie turn into one of the greatest movie?s!... I would recommend all of you to see the movie, listen to the music afterwards, and just find inspiration of everything!


It so nice that the makers of the movie decided to bring old ?jokes? form the other to movies into the third one! I also laughed so much, the scene when the BIG 6 meet to negotiate before the big fight? You can see the camera filming all of them, and when they come to Wiliam, Lord Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones, I laughed so much, sine Davy Jones can?t step on land except for each 10 years, he is standing in big wood-bowl filled with water. And just the humor is so funny!


I just love Pirates of the Caribbean! Don?t you?



Cheers Erik/


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