A beautiful winter day!

A winter day without snow.

Today I actually went out on a nice tour around Saltsjöbaden together with my beloved bike “Hurricane Escaper”. As one we cycled half the way up of “Saltsjöbadens Skidbacke” which was really hard, it took me a while, pictures coming on this later! However before cycling up for the hill, we cycled trough Erstaviken and we went to Tattby were we almost fell :S  because of the ice on the road, however it was actually the only time. The road took us by Nienke’s house and we continued over Tattby Bridge, we stopped sometimes and I took some pictures over the magnificent work of nature. We stayed for a while at Grand Hotel and jumped on a couple of jumps that I found, but got tried of it and continued cycling. After a while I actually was home my dad and brother just came with the Christmas tree at the same time. I was a bit surprised they had bought the three days before what we usually do.

In the evening which is now 18:00 I won’t do much, just stay on msn, maybe play some cs, depending if the computer is willing to corporate with me.

Cheers guys, See you tomorrow! Here are some pictures from today:

Botten på Båt





Grand Hotel







Naken Badet

Postat av: Richard

You sure have a bloody splendid camera m8 ;)

2006-12-17 @ 20:38:14

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