Finally It's Over

Finally it’s over (almost)! This term has been one of the best and is definitely my favourite, so far… Usually I don’t talk about have a term have been, however I ought to do it this time. I remember the first day in this term, exactly were I sat and who I sat next to. I kind of didn’t like my first day I don’t know why, but I have been thinking about it and I came to this conclusion. There were no Guys! I the only thing you could see when I turned over the class room was GIRLS. I thought for myself how am I going to live with almost only girls, I knew Philip and Marcus however there were still to many girls. But I faced it and said hmm, this is were I want to go, so I’ll live with it, and so far it have just been great learning to know all new people, (tough many of them are girls ;). As many others, I really like meeting new people it’s just sooo interesting to hear what other experiences other people have been trough and here’s the thing, NO ONE, has the same story as another one.  Very exciting idea.



This term have been going through everything from tears to laughing lunch every day! I don’t know if you notice or thought about it, but try to remember a lunch when there was no laugh, I think you’ll never find one. There is always the “Nuclear Reaction” (As I call it) Diana starts, Then after a second Nienke begins, and finally everybody is laughing, thou many don’t know actually what there are laughing at


So far Math’s have been fun and horrible, the tests sucks (Not sucks as Tos makes them bad,  just like it’s bad makes people cry that’s bad! Bad bad bad) however the lesson are the best! There are to many things that occurs during maths that shouldn’t occur, (Diana’s and Philip’s “flirt” under the table for example, OR just the classic Quote “Why are you laughing, Maths is boring!” Tos.



I think I spoke for most of you who read this, this term have been very funny and I’ll hope the next and the next and the next will be as good as this one! Everybody have a nice Christmas Vacation, just relax, but IF you get bored, then you always can call me and we figure something out!


Merry Christmas! You can say that the Vacation has begun! Btw, Cross your fingers for SNOW :D

Postat av: Sally

I agree with you Erik, this has been one of my favorite semesters as well... I can hardly remember a time when I didn't know you, or Nienke, Anna, Philip or Diana. I'm looking forward to the next two and a half years like you can't believe!

However (love that word ;p), you shouldn't complain about all the girls. 'Coz what if there weren't as many girls, who would you want to skip?

And don't say anything about people crying after amths - I do that! I'm offended!

Enjoy your holidays, when they arrive - but remember, there are still four days to go. A lot can happen in four days!

Cheers, Sally

2006-12-14 @ 18:49:29
Postat av: Ella

Merry Christmas to you to :)

2006-12-14 @ 20:45:26
Postat av: Erik

Hey, Okey sry about that with maths maybe that was wrong. And please it wasn't to offend you or anyone else!

Okey, there might happen something, however nothing BIG is going to happen!

2006-12-14 @ 20:48:59
Postat av: Diana is happy

aww, Erik, the perfect ending to a perfect year. And don't insult cryers as Sally so elowuently put it, I cry too. I cry when I watch Forrest Gump, Grey's Anatomy and Cartoon-Herkules.

...And math test results...

Anyway (love that word) christmas has not begun yet, so don't say that vacation (or Holiday as I and the british say it) becuse it hasn't. There are four more days left and I intend to enjoy them as much as I can. So saturday will be lovely and I'll spend the last week shopping for christmas presents (I still have no idea what to get you...sat soemthing or I'll get you socks like I did my father last year).

Happy early christmas!!

2006-12-14 @ 20:55:51
Postat av: Sofia

I really envy you guys, I wish I had a nice and chill winter vacation in front of me.. Although as you might know I have to prepare for my exams in February and May.. :/ Which is not as great as it may sound :P hehe *NOT*
Anyway I hope the term has been ok for all of you and that you will come back with new energy after the christmas holidays!

Like Diana said: "Happy early christmas!" :)

2006-12-14 @ 21:59:23
Postat av: Richard

Yeah (love that word) Erik, you are absolutely correct! You know (OMG love to say You Know, it makes you sound so eftertänksam - thoughtful, and sorry, but that was the best word I could find to describe it.) Anyway (The word that Diana loves xD), you know what the best thing with this term has been? The time has been working out and is now faster than ever =D

Like Diana and Sofia said: "Happy early christmas!" xD 4 days left, Oh Yeah!

2006-12-14 @ 23:10:38
Postat av: Richard

Sorry for my english folks, I dont know... You could possibly find some errors and things in it, afterall, Im not a splendid IB student... Im just a poor NV student :'(

2006-12-14 @ 23:14:32
Postat av: Ers Nåd

Ah, Erik. You're wonderful really. And I don't mean that in no Brokeback Mountain touchy-with-Philip way. I won't go in on why I say this, since first of all, I do not want to sound any more gay than I all ready sound, and second of all... People reading this know it. Yes, even Ella knows it, that girl who slapped you... still can't imagine that, even though I saw it.

I'm in IB2.

Thus, I've been commanded to laugh and cry with my class. Unfortunantely. However, I would like to thank You, for this wonderful semester. As you said, many laughs and many tears, but nothing goes by without a nostalgic atmosphere. It's lovely. Two and a half years, half a year for me. But I defenantly want to know you afterwards, if you'd allow me.

Let it snow, and a merry, very lovely and of the year.

2006-12-14 @ 23:16:28
Postat av: .

q; Brokeback Mountain touchy-with-Philip way

vart får du din inspiration ifrån?

2006-12-15 @ 15:53:18
Postat av: Diana is happy

FYI....."." was the infamous-blog-dissing PHILIP!!! you have entered the bog world young man!!

//Thanks Richard, whoever you are for mentioning me so many times..becuse I like seeing my name in print...haha- no seriously, I like cut out articles on Princess Diana and look at my name....ahh....I'm weird...Anyway...bye!! //Diana

2006-12-17 @ 10:29:50

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