For many this is something unknown, however today some of my friends took there first steps on the ice with ice-skate and I must say that they were very good! Hiroto learned very quickly and also Victor tough he looked kind of funny when glide over the ice. For me it was actually hard, I fell 3 TIMES or was it 4, don’t remember. The only thing I remember is the pain inside my left arm, which now has a bandage around it. I’m so tired and my arm hurts so I think I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll put up some pictures from today :

Cheers, Erik

Postat av: Sally

It was four times, Erik ;P But you're still better than me.

btw, ZERO days left until Christmas break! :D

Merry Christmas

2006-12-20 @ 20:55:47
Postat av: Diana, your wonderwall

I keep coming up with souch inventive names don't I? the pictures!

merry christmas!

2006-12-20 @ 22:28:14
Postat av: Sally

You're his WONDERWALL? Diana... is there something you're not telling me? ;P

Merry Christmas, everybody.

2006-12-21 @ 11:21:42
Postat av: Erik

The Ice-skating pictures coming up today!

Merry Christmas =)

2006-12-21 @ 11:47:22

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