Hello everyone!

Hope you're enjoying the christmas holiday by taking the opportunity to sleep A LOT! Well I'm...  Sorry for not been updating my blog, you see I haven't been so motivated for writing in my blog. However from 2007 it will improve.

So I've haven't been blogin so what have I done then. Yes, I have been 100 % busy with electronic stuff in our home. The biggest problem have been my computer! It hasn't act as it should lately. Our homecienma is always messing around with us, for example: Sometimes we can't watch TV, record from TV, the sound disappears a couple of seconds during movies and we also have to clean the projector as you see the list is very long and it also continues. So this is actually what I have been doing trying to sort out all of our problems. However I'm getting furious on this, I don't want to do this all the time. I just want everything to work without problems, but it seems that this is the world we're living in. We are surrounded by problems not only with Mp3-players, computers and other electronic features but also family and friends intrigues. Which sometimes can tear us apart from each other. This is why it is important to always have a friend to go to, when you're not so tight with your best buddy. Open your heart for everyone and don't judge persons on how they look. Instead try to find the persons inside, because that's the unique part of each one of us that no one can take from us....

I wish all you a Happy New Year!

Postat av: Richard

Varifrån kopierade du den andra halvan av texten ;) hehe!
Påminner lite om slutet på American History X... "Hate is baggage, life's to short to be pissed of all the time..." ... Aja kanske inte :P
Gott Nytt år Erik and the rest of ya'll! Zum Wohl!

2006-12-31 @ 21:26:02

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