Andersson's new car :D

Hello dear readers!


Week 46 is finally over! This weekend it has happened quite a lot in the family Anderson’s on the street, Beachstreet 11. The biggest event is...... The family has get rid of the "Chrysler Grand Voyager LX" and have adopted a new car: " Volkswagen Touran Highline 2.0 TDi " The family is really happy about the car, the engine is the best: a two point zero liter diesel engine with a turbo :D You see our last car was big comfortable but when it came to speed and power it sucked! The new car is smaller but speed and power have increased amazingly much, which I like now when I’m going to begin driving, and maybe some day in the future I’ll pass the theory test. Enough talking about the car and dreams about getting driving license.


I just going to inform you about one last thing, It’s only 32 days left to Christmas Vacation!:D


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