Today it was my brother’s birthday the 22nd of November (for those who feel lost ;) He has finally become a teenager, officially. He said this morning that he felt like have grown a couple of centimetre throughout the night. Maybe he did, but I don’t know I didn’t see any difference, I didn’t say that. We sang to him this morning and I could see that his smile was a little bigger since I last saw him smiling. We brought my brother a new Ipod 2Gb, colour silver, he was really happy about it, in the morning I transferred a couple of songs to it. This made him happy; my present was the game “NFS Carbon”. I only have to install on the computer, then he can play it.

This evening we went to the “CAS fair” which was actually a flop, no one came, and it was compulsory however the information hadn’t come out to many in our class. But any ways, those who were there had fun =) and got lots of ideas. But, I talked to Diana that we’ll do better than current IB1 did, don’t you agree!!! Maybe inform the next Pre-Dp that it’s compulsory on CAS Fair, and also convince more parents to come, because it was to few there tonight.


I’m not going to write any more…



Just one thing more, reminding you that there is only 29 days left until Christmas Vacation!!!

Postat av: Ers Nåd

Jaa du Erik, du får hälsa din käre bror från mig. Säg att han har det bästa stjärntecknet man kan ha, och att jag nog också kände mig några centimeter längre i onsdags ;)
Alltså, CAS fair och pjäsen var ju en flopp. Jag menar, IB1orna är ju bara så omotiverade så att det inte är sant, plus att många i drama gruppen inte hade övat (måndagsmorgornar *host).

Jul... jaa, det är snart här.

2006-11-23 @ 17:50:26
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