New James Bond Movie - Casino Royale!

At exactly 21:07, I was surfing on and found out that the new James Bond movie already was on the net!!! I was so surprised it often takes quite a long time for new movies to come out with good quality, but this was already out! I began downloading it directly and tomorrow morning I will have it ;) and maybe I’ll see it in the weekend if there’s going to be anyone. I went on and checked the “user rating” of the movie, which was 8,2 of 10 possible. It’s actually rare that movies like James Bond get that good rating, I really hope it will exceed over my exportations, and I’m really furious about the new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, never heard of him, some say he’s good, some say he sucks. But I think actually he did well in this movie! However Roger Moore will always be the best “James Bond” actor according to me. He was very good in the movie “Moonraker”, but isn’t his best movie. Never mind, back to the new James Bond movie. Yay, first when I was the name Casino Royale, I was surprised about the name, because it doesn’t sound much as a James Bond movie for me. But maybe it will do after I’ve seen it, I don’t know :P


Bye bye, dear readers, that was all for today!


31 days left to Christmas Vacation! (Thx, Nienke she remind me, applauds )


Today’s good song: Jambo Jambo    (Waring African music)

Postat av: My Ass Loves Diana

Bond should not be blonde,that's just protocoll. Roger moore is good. I can't remember if he was in Octopussy, becuse I loved that. I also love Golfinger (almost wrote goldmember..wrong movie:P). Although for me, Pierce Brosnan will always be the hot James Bond.

Anyway, then we should all see it together!! Another movienight!
or not, you know..whatever...

Have a good night..


2006-11-21 @ 19:17:34
Postat av: fabian

HEY! Daniel Craig is actually not to f-ing bad! He's really good, you should download Layercake (great movie by the way), and check him out! I think he's going to do an excellent bond! :D

And speaking of Bond, Casino Royale is the first bond-book written. I'm actually looking forward to this movie, altough I've almost always never really liked the bond-movies. To cheap. But this one.. How good quality was your download? :O

2006-11-23 @ 00:02:25

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