Hello to you who read this!



I’ve dried out of inspiration, (Have I ever had one?? Don’t think so) never mind! I just want to write something here in the blog, but it won’t have any importance, I think but if I come up with something while writing it maybe get seriously. So hmm what did I do today, except for school I don’t want to talk about it! (Makes me stressed, because of…) Not school… what ells can I talk about instead. Hmm, small things like had my first headache last I had it was very long time ago, it wasn’t that fun. I don’t take these stupid tablets, Alvedon, Ibumetin and so on, there’s a whole world of medicine that makes you feel “good” for a short time, but in the long time you get sicker! But that’s just my opinion! So I came home today and ate a plate of Allbrand began with maths did 43 exercise from Exercise 21-27, just to repeat it. Did that to until dinner was ready, Ahh I forgot to say that An Inconvenient Truth, Brother Bear 2, Sweet Home Alabama. But never mind I ate dinner and went straight away down to continue with the biology report, after TWO HOURS of painting I was ready! I’m actually ashamed because it was so little but I did again and again but I never got as I wanted! Okey, so far I just talked lots of bullshit, but I don’t know what ells to write about!



Now I just stop writing this wasn’t that fun! Neither for you readers. I try to find a new inspiration source until next time --> which happens to be tomorrow!


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