First day at school...

Hello and sorry as I'll begin all of my entry's with.

Today, the first school day after about three weeks of holiday, which has been really appriciated? I think that the day was totally fine, okey every body was half a wake but still, it was a good day. Seeing every one from IB was fun, teachers, students and so on. (There aren't that many on that so on) However bad things always happens every day, today our beloved teacher told us about her cancer had come back =( and also that we already are almost full booked with new assignments. But this is what IB is about, right?

For the moment I’m writing this entry but before this, I read my Swedish novel and wrote my presentation on a biology article about a new idea for reducing the global warming. Then I also have managed together with my dad finding a solution of a problem that has been irritating us for a long time. Tomorrow, we have a maths class, Yippie for me and some other in the class that don’t have to make a maths test =) We’ll watch them who’s doing the test and stressed them A LOT (read my lips).


But cya guys tomorrow and good luck with the maths test!


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