IB is moving...

Everything is just BAD so bad for the moment. IB is moving out from the school the blog sucks my back hurts (so I’ve learned the song Hurt – Johnny Cash) physics is hard, the swimming takes all the energy I have and I’m always tired (but everybody is that). Most chocking is that IB is moving out which is horrible! I don’t want to move… Don’t they ever ask them who’s going to be affected?! Apparently not! I’m mad not only that IB’s moving but also there’s nothing I can do. Yes I can make a protest list however Philip and I seem to be the only ones that wants to stay so there’s no option except to move with everyone ells.

Postat av: Richard

Yeah, thats a shame Erik... Buuuut, you could always convert to NV ;)

2007-01-19 @ 17:36:21
Postat av: maddies

tjoo erik! här har man hittat till din blogg också :D sjukt najs! pussen

2007-01-20 @ 00:41:48
URL: http://www.mocco.blogg.se
Postat av: Anonym

what? where is IB moving?

2007-01-20 @ 18:28:35
Postat av: Emmy

tjaaaa erik jag har också hittat din blogg :D länkade den på min blogg om de e lugnt

2007-01-20 @ 21:57:42
URL: http://emmiie.blogg.se

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