What a day...

I woke up today at 8:45 á clock in the morning due to the light shining into my room, as always. I thought it was a nice day, at the same as I was staring out the window my brother came in and said that we are leaving in 40 minutes to go to town for some shopping! Of course I got a bit stressed and began hurrying up, while running up and down, back and forward, my dad came home from Thailand. When I was finished I almost hadn't any time saying Hi.. :P However we (Sofia, Björn, Mom and me) came into town very early and I must say, that I have started liking the town more... It's a total different feeling walking in town in the morning when no one's is around! So I've decided to go to town during mornings! After being in town I went home and did absolutely nothing for around 8 hours, it was very boring. However after I've eaten some old friends began collecting guys to play football, and of course I joined though my knee hurts very very much now after I played for 2 hours. (I'm a foolish guy, I know)

I want to say that all of you who reads my blogg you can ALWAYS count on me! Call me when you're up to anything, I have very much time that I don't know what to do with!

Hope you had a better day ;)

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Postat av: Diana *^¤

I keep telling you: the town is nice! Especially in the morngings. I work on sunday mornings so I often walk to Mosebacke here on Södermalm at like, nine in the morning and it's so peaceful and everything feels fragile. Like you can't even talk loudly in case something will break.

2007-06-16 @ 10:24:40
URL: http://www.my-wineglass.blogspot.com
Postat av: Erik

Diana; Yeah I know you keep telling me, however you never said anything consering the mornings in town ;) But whatever, I know now how peaceful and wonderful it's walking in the mornings in town =)

2007-06-16 @ 11:09:04
URL: http://annihilation.blogg.se
Postat av: Sofia

Erik, seriously, do you know what it feels like walking in the morning in town? I didn't know that you've been out that late? ;) ♥ /S

2007-06-16 @ 23:23:36
URL: http://goldenpearl.blogspot.com

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