I’ve decided to write an update of my life and about global news.

Here’s my life: I never get sick but the latest days I’ve felt ill, this had led to a cold. Soon we’re going to Kungsberget and I can’t be sick on that day because I really want to go! I’m saying it I AM going to go no matter what… Now I’m reading a good novel from Dan Brown called Digital Fortress, which is very interesting and exciting.

Recently the United Nations released their most serious climate warning so far. The report showed that the average temperature of earth will increase more than expected, estimations shows the temperature would increase with maximum 6 degrees. Increasing sea levels and tougher rainstorms is other effects that have been reported. All these effects are caused by us humans…

Indonesia is for the moment flooded. The water level has increased with 3-6 meters there. Millions of people have lost their homes, they’re standing under water. Each year Indonesia have a rain period when it rains A LOT, however this year’s rain period have never been like anyone before, hmmm I wonder what the cause is??? Of course it’s us… When we drive our cars, someone on the other side of the earth have to take the consequences instead of my action.


As we all read the article about the weather in the U.S, we know that it has never been that hot their as it have been this year.


A step into the right direction is that the French are beginning to turn off the lights during the nights, before the lights were on all the time from when it got dark until it was light again.


Try to find solution on how you can make a difference...

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