Update of the life

I’ve decided to do an update on my life, okey not EVERYTHING it would take me years to write it down! However I’ll try to cover the most important things. Okey were to start, ahh my dad just came home from Sir Lanka on a Business-trip, he has been gone for five days and comes home today, at 19:30 (for you information;) Another big event is that, I’ve actually driven a car by my own now, to be precise TWO times, the hardest part of driving is to handle so many things at the same time. The myth of that, mans can only do two things at the same time, seems to be true in this meaning. However this just applies for driving car and when you only have done it TWO times;) I always get mad at myself when I get “kärringstop” (English??) For those who doesn’t know what it’s I’ll try to explain for them;) I hope that every one knows that there are three pedals in a car, Accelerator pedal, Break pedal, and Da Clutch pedal! So when you have a for example have gear one in, you have to push the Clutch to the bottom all the time, or else the car will break/stop. When you have the clutch to the bottom you can change the gears… So, how to go forward then??? Lets see we have the Accelerator pedal and if we push it down, more fuel will be lead into the engine which make the pistons (Kolvar) go faster around the cars axle. The cars engine runs in higher RPM, = Rounds per minute… Okey so you have put in the gear one, and the Clutch is pushed down as far as possible. When you then start to pulling up the clutch you have to give more gas to the engine, or else it will trun off. But if you give gas the car will slowly begin going forward, and when you have reached like 5 Mph you can release the clutch totally. You have managed to go from 0 to 5 Mph! CONGRATULATIONS! This doesn’t sounds that bad, or?? For me it doesn’t sounds so hard/bad, but when it comes to do it in real life, it’s a different story! Believe me, It’s HARD! And it gets worse when you are in a slope. But that’s a totally different story! Back to the “kärringstop” you see the relation between accelerator pedal and clutch pedal, how much you should push the gas and how much you should realise the clutch is a mystery, because if you realise the clutch to much the engine stops, or if you push the gas down the engine starts screaming (Higher RPM it’s called ;) and you get nervous and stop. For me this has been the most difficult thing to learn about cars, how engines works is very easy! (In your heads: Yeah sure! Very simple! I only know that there’s a steering wheel and some pedals and A KEY!!)



Oh shit! I wrote to much on this shit!:P LoL (Let me lol, don’t hate me;) But it was interesting to explain it actually… Hmm should I continue writing something or are you already dead now of reading this Bullshit! Leave me a comment  if I should continue, and if you have something in mind of writing about plz write it too :D





Postat av: Diana

Jag har också försökt köra bil. Jag håller med om att hur mycket man ska släppa kopplingen och trycka på gasen är ett stort mysterium...Jag gjorde det på Heron citys parkering...jag lyckades komma typ 10 meter fram, men..pappa glömde säga hur man bromsar...skulle ändå inte fattat det, koppling, bromsa, koppling, gasa, koppling, byt växel...!!!?/(&%¤¤%#%¤##%¤#¤"!#/()/)=)=[?$£@@£?!!!!
iaf...hej då:P

2006-12-01 @ 21:19:11
Postat av: Ers Nåd

Hahaha, ja, vissa personer gillar bilar. Jag däremot har aldrig kört en =/ Vi har inte ens skickat in papprena än. Vilken familj jag har. Usch, du får ta och skriva lite mer om dig själv, och lite mindre om mobila fordon Erik. Faktiskt ^_^ Eller, så tycker jag i alla fall. I'm more of a rapport person, than a report person. Because apparently, I'm both vain and gay.

Chillz for my frizzle dizzle, fo' shizzle.
Peace out Erik.

2006-12-02 @ 00:11:51
URL: http://www.nogg.se/nescience
Postat av: Erik

Okej, jag ska försöka förbättra mig "Ers Nåd", men detta måste tas mer på allvar "Ers Nåd" du måste ju kunna köra bil ;) Annars kommer ju det bli en katastrof!

2006-12-03 @ 16:32:44
URL: http://annihilation.blogg.se
Postat av: Ers Nåd

Jo, det vet jag nog. Men som tur är har jag ett halvår efter detta läsår att köra ikapp alla dessa stunder jag missat.

2006-12-04 @ 18:24:35
URL: http://www.nogg.se/nescience
Postat av: Richard

Hahaha! Erik, Erik, Erik... jag trodde att du skulle bemästra den ädla konsten av att köra bil hur enkelt som helst ;) Men ifs, jag växlar ju 'n' shit när jag kör moppe, men det är helt totalt jätte annorlunda när man sitter i en bil... (kanske för att jag inte har den motoriken i benen, who knows...)

Aja, tack för mig! Vi får fan ta och träffas på lovet, det va ett tag sen sist. Ja om man inte räknar med Iron Maiden konserten så var det väl inte sen i somras vi träffades på riktigt :S
Puss puss

2006-12-14 @ 22:49:16
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