Bad Day - Early Day

Dear Blog!


Today I had a bad day! My maths skillz sucks, I've to take everything slow while most of the others in class just understand it perfectly. I wonder what I should do; it seems so hard and difficult Maths HL. All most everyone jumps from HL to SL, today I found out that three more persons in IB2 have jumped HL. There are many reasons, but I won’t talk about them because I’m not so sure about them. I’m going to write much because I’m going to bed soon; I want to listen to music for long time before I sleep. But before going to bed I’ll write some more, exercise, and take a shower, so I have to hurry up! Today I looked trough my notes from Swedish and my conclusion is that I only have the book to use for preparing the test on week 47. My handwriting is so bad that I don’t see what I write any more, that’s not the only thing it feels that I wrote down the most Important things she said, so by the moment it feels like the F is the predicated grade on the test. But I’ll do my best… Tomorrow the maths test I think it will go well, much better than the Swedish.



Good night reader!






Today’s song: Bad day – Daniel Powter


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