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Hey, everybody!

I'm sorry for not writing in my blog, it may improve depending on how I feel. The last couple of days have been really messy for me, read a strange book in Swedish (I’m having a presentation on Thursday, wonder how that will go…), feels like I’ve been doing nothing (it’s maybe because I’ve done anything) I just don’t feel for doing anything, now it just can’t be worse. I just want to stay at home sleeping, and thinking of things that I shouldn’t be thinking about. How come the “things” I love most seems not to like me, it never had done, but this time it was different, however it was NOT I thought and hope without good result, I’ll never be that lucky guy. I thought it liked me, I tried to be as perfect for you I thought it meant anything for you, but I was wrong terribly wrong. The way you held my hand, the way you gave my inspiration back, taking my life seriously gave me new fresh hope. Suddenly it was tear down, in only a couple of sentences… (Everything is fine if I say so) imo maybe not, because that’s wrong, everything isn’t “Okey”, but some how I don’t want you to feel regretful. I just want it to understand what had happened…



Postat av: MsFrederiksen

Aha! I finally remembered the URL for my blog :P
Erik, after every storm there is a silence, and it's that silence that allows us to reflect over the storm. They most important thing is to get through the silence, and see the sun shining on the other side. How and when you do that is all up to you, but remember that you have a goal in life, a goal in everything you do, and...I'm going to sound a bit like Machiavelli now, but the most important thing, when it comes to things like this, at least for me, is to reach that goal by any means possible, and you will gain hapiness.
Now, listen to my advice if you want to, but, I just hope it makes you feel a little bit happier...if not; I have another bad joke...

*Question: what do you get if you cross a hedgehog (igelkott) with a giraffe? Answer: a 4m high toothbrush!!*

2006-11-28 @ 18:24:11

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