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Yesterday some friends and I went home to Anna to spend a nice time together. We ate nice food and saw two nice movies (Pirates Caribbean Dead Mans Chest, “Freds mäklaren”), we had a really nice time. First we were five persons but after dinner Kevin joined us, we walked down to the train station to meet him there. I think that is was a miracle that NO one slipped on the ice (Except for me), the ground was so slippery. But we manage to come back to Anna’s house without any injuries. Philip, Nienke and I stayed to about 12:15 (I think) we walked down to the train station, before at Anna’s house her dad said that the next train would go at 12:36, so me and Nienke walked instead (Philip walked another way). When we came home to Nienke we said goodbye and I walked home and I was actually scared for once! There wasn’t that much light and it was totally dark outside, I thought I heard that someone was walking behind me all the time so I turned around but there wasn’t anyone there (Creepy). So I began to run and I came home about one a clock. My mom was half awake as usually, but I went directly to bed!



Early this morning my dad woke me up at 7:45 because he needed his train-card, so my morning got ruined. *Suck* But I went up, and ate some breakfast took a shower cleaned my room, okey it wasn’t that much to clean but I did it anyway. I began with my Swedish novel analysis and so far I’ve actually made some progress 534 WORDS!!! YeahJ But there’s still more to write but I got three days more. It feels good having all the maths done, so I don’t have to worry about it (But I’m worried, bugger) There are some exercises on exercise 17,19 that I don’t understand, I’ll talk with Sally, Nienke, or Diana they probably know how to solve them. I’m sure they know it (Right).



So now the sun has gone for sleep, I feel like doing the same but the msn (friends), guitar, music, downloading makes me not doing that. Today I also have repeated a song called “Time of your life” Greenday. For those who read this download songs from them or buy, or say to me to send you some songs from them. Their genre is punk/punkrock but Time of your Life is actually not.

But this is for now, maybe more coming later I’ll see, maybe some Physics talk :D

Bye bye!

Postat av: Diana

Am I your first 'kommenterare'?? Coolt. Anyway, good of you to tkae my advice to learn Time of your Life, I listened to it all day yesterday and I knwo the lyrics by heart!! Yes...!
I missed you fall!!!! Oh nO!!!
Anyway, you can call whenever you want, becuse really, I coul duse someone to talk to. I don't know what Anna's told you, but..
congratulations on keeping a great blog!Hasta Luego!

2006-11-03 @ 16:41:15
Postat av: Sally

of course we'll know it ;) because we're so much better than you at math... not. but ask anyway :) I agree with Diana, btw, great blog!
See you monday!

2006-11-03 @ 23:46:59

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