New phone incoming!


I've planned to buy a new phone. Yepp it's true. My current phone has reached it years (3 ½ I think). I've noticed that sometimes I don't get the text messages people sent me or those I've sent to others and it's due to my... phone.  The phone also have a tendency of leaking electricity from the battery. Yeah I know often this happens to old mobile phones, however I bought a new battery for the phone. As the god of electricity hates me (yes he hates me) there wasn't any difference in the batteries performance. The SD memory card in the phone doesn't any more connect normally to any computer, which means that I can't download the pictures from my phone! My phonebook on the phone is also fucked up since it has saved some of my contacts on the internal phone memory and others on the SIM-card. Which means when I'm changing my phone to a new one I need to write down all of my contacts on the computer or on a sheet.  Annoying?? Extremely annoying!!!


Now comes the intresting part, which phone is "incoming"? One thing you need to know when I buy new electronic devices is that I try to have a decent phone which isn't already old after a month of two. Never mind, I've looked on the phones from Nokia, Sonyericsson, Samsung and Motorola. What I've noticed is the models from Samsung and Motorola S U C K S (Sorry for example Lisa I know you have Motorola) compared to Nokia and Sonyericsson. I searched on many phones from Nokia and Sonyercisson. From what I've read and seen Sonyericsson is definitely the brand which suits best to my demands and the model will soon be on the market. It's called K850i. To start with the appearance, there are two colours called: Luminous Green and Velvet Blue.


image76 image75


The phone has a camera of 5 megapixels and a function called BestPic which gives you the opportunity to take nine shots in quick succession. Keep the best picture from the nine. This function is one of my favorite. Another one is the fast internet connection called HSDPA. The function makes it possible to download big websites with many data. The phone also has a function were you can play music from the phone to headset over a wireless connection. I can't write all the specifications here you can check them all here Specs.

Postat av: Ella

Mine is like 4 years and can not recive messages sometimes and sometimes even though the phone has been on insted of letting people call me it just gives me a sms insted.

2007-08-19 @ 16:34:25
Postat av: Lisa

Erik min äger håll käften muhahahah, skämta hihi. Men min är bra faktiskt, har den uppgraderare versionen!

2007-08-21 @ 00:07:29
Postat av: Malin :D

När kommer uppdatering? Och läkerolen?

2007-10-09 @ 22:22:52

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