Escaping the earth

Hello dear readers… If there’s any left

Today I feel for writing about science. I read an article in a magazine called “Illustrating Science” about if we ever will find another planet to live on. Hears some facts 99,9% of all the species that ever lived on the earth are extinct and sooner or later our time maybe also be to its end. However we can emigrate before it’s too late. Scientists have many proposals on how we can do this. In best cases in maybe just a 100 years, with speed of light, travel out to foreign stars.

I read about two possible theories of how we could travel outside our own solar system without waiting for a long time. These two theories are for the moment not possible to perform. However it’s interesting that someday it can be and will be used. Here are the two theories.

Ion rockets may be the solution on how we would travel outside the solar system. In an ion engine electrical field comes out in the end of a rocket which makes it accelerate. This is how the engine would work: Neutral xeonatoms would be spurt into a positive charged chamber called “Anod”. Electrons are protrude from a Katod into the chamber were the electrons smash with the xeonatoms, which becomes positive charged ions. The gas pressure in the chamber would be so intense that the ions would be pressed through the back end of the Anod. The process would move the rocket forward and accelerate and accelerate and accelerate until it reaches the absolute top speed à Speed of light.

The other theory which I like the most is that, antimatter would give us the push to reach out side the solar system. I’ve already explained how much energy is produced when antimatter and matter are joined together. This theory is actually not as complicated as the other one and here it is: Antihydrogen and hydrogen are stored in different tanks. The antihydrogen would be cooled down to the absolute zero point. The antimatter and matter are transported into the rocket engine and at the point when they meet the collision creates a cloud of small atomic particles, called Pioners. At the time the neutral pioners disappears, the charged pioners can be steered by a powerful magnetic field and in that way creates a rocket blaze.

So we have the right theories however we still don’t have the capability and need to do this, but sooner or later the doomsday will come and then we have to be prepared, though it’s a couple millions years to go.

Postat av: Richard

Im so sorry Erik... but that was SOOOOOO booring to read haha :P Naaaah, just kidding... It was horrible ;)
I think you should stay with writing about your feelings and your lousy jacket xD

Though I must say it's a very nice entry on this (I dont know what you call it... Issue? Article?), however "Hello dear readers... If there's any left" At least there were ;P sågning... sorry dude :P

2007-01-17 @ 20:30:44

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