Summer of 2006 in Oxford


Today I looked trough pictures from the summer of 2006 when I saw in Oxford on a course, and suddenly I got so many memories from those three but special weeks in Oxford. All my friends that I met there was seriously soo good people; they were made by sweetness and generosity. I think that I’ve learned to know about 30 whole new people but 10 where my closes friends. Though I went to Oxford for “preparing” for IB I had soo much fun, after the first week I hadn’t learned all my friends so I thought that it sucked but the first or second day it just went to the opposite suddenly it just dropped in new ‘people’ from everywhere. They had been there all the time we had seen each other in corridors but never spoken. So you can say the beginning of ‘trip’ was boring but then it turned out to be the best three weeks that I’ve ever experienced! Here are some nice pictures from the three special weeks in Oxford!

Big Ben and the gang

Tha gang and the Big Ben in the background

Trafalga square

Seba and Maurice Burger!

Sebastian (My room mate) and Maurice Burger as a Burger =)

Party Party!

Party Party


Jay the coolest "activity leader" in Oxford!

Peter and Han Rui

Blue T-shirt: Han Rui (Henry the smartest person on earth from Turkey) and Peter from Poland also a great guy!

Almost all of the friends in this picture!

Some friends (I know bad pictures I blame it was night)

The nice town "Summer Town"

The cute little town "Summertown"

My room

My room in Oxford when I'd just arrived

Patrick Obvidolski tired as you lots of chicha

Lots of Chicha (Waterpipe as you see)

Leonardo (Leo) Smokes Chicha

Leonardo (Leo) goes wild with the waterpipe, I must say that it was A LOT of smoke though it may not seem like that...

Postat av: Diana *^¤

OMG!!! I was in Summertown too this summer!! It looked exactly like that picture!! Unfortunatley I never took pictures becuse I was busy meeting my friend I hadn't seen in dsix years; maybe we could all go!! I've already started planning!

2007-01-30 @ 22:36:01
Postat av: Erik

It would be soo much fun if we could go to Oxford all together. You've already started planing wich is really good Diana =)

2007-01-31 @ 19:12:59
Postat av: Richard *^¤

Hell yeah! That would be perfect man! xD (ironi)
Kul för er IB-lirare dock ;)

2007-02-01 @ 20:31:09

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