It just hit me as it normally does, that I still haven't decided what I would like to work with in the future or what program I would like to study or were I would like to study the program/education I don't know!!! For just an hour ago it snapped in my head and I started to do some googling around the net to read about what Universities have been recommended in its particularly area. When I googled I was typing, undergraduate programs/courses with a concentration on Mathematics, Physics, and Economics. Of course it was a result list of over millions of websites; I clicked myself to a website which had an article concerning the best economic courses on different Universities in Europe. London School of Economics Oxford University, Cambridge University, Tilburg University, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Warwick and University of Toulouse 1. Many familiar and unknown Universities, I know to get to these Uni. you need to have a score above 40 in the IB program to stand against the world! Since that's what we are taking about... Getting a 40 score in IB is very difficult; you need to be a smart person and a person with its feet on the ground! Okey, I haven't read the entrance requirements, however in general it's like that!

In my case, until I haven't figured out what I would prefer studying and were, I need to achivie as high grades as I can. Since with high grades you can enter almost anywhere, without good grades you can't! Achieving high grades is a matter of course and also another thing I can't tell you, (Classified). Schools start in about five and a half weeks (counting the current one). I promised myself that I would improve; my hand writing, my reading speed, and my word vocabulary, I would start; reading more to hopefully become a more intellectual person! I haven't keept all of the promises, however some I have! =) Enough, I need to sleep, today I will listen to "Chariots of Fire - Yanni" when I go to bed.... Which is actually quite soon, almost, not far from NOW!

Good Night people!   *The post should have been up yesterday night*


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