A pleasant evening

I just came home from Sally's "late" birthday party, which was very enjoyable, with a lot of very good food ( I like the olives A LOT) and very good friends! I don't have to name all of them that where there... However Kati was there and today it was the last time I/we saw her before she's going back to Germany! It has been wonderful learning to know Kati, she a very special person with a great personality. I hope she comes visiting us, or perhaps we can find some free time to visit her, that would also be very funny.


At Sally's "party" we also looked at a movie, Mean Girls. I told everyone that I didn't want to see the movie; however I and Philip were the only ones who refused or did speak up. The girls took our rights and putted on the movie. (It was okey, you were many more, so it was actually just right) The movie however was of course a really girl'ish movie, it all was about Girls Girls Girls and Girls! However Lindsay Lohan is very very beautiful, or at least she was on this movie. I've heard that she has loosed much weight!!! I just can't understand why, because she was FAT!!! I don't understand girls, why they all think there are FAT, ok all don't say it but you think it (I think)... You've already heard "Var nöjd med dig själv" "Du ÄR inte tjock" "Ät nu snälla, du måste äta" However the more you say these phrases, the less they appreciate themselves... Hmm, I wonder if someone has the secret medicine for Girls --> partly; to make them to believe in what guys tell them, (ok, mostly you listen, but when it comes to the Fat-problem, (hmm that doesn't sound nice, sry! ) you don't "listen") and to be happy with what they have and are. I think you all by now know that I'm not to happy with celebreties, and it's partly because of the celebrities creates the perfect looking?s, how you SHALL (in my opinion it should say; "Should) look to be beautiful. Everyone knows, you should be thin with beautiful hips not pointing out or something, you also should have a beautiful face, with eyes, mouth, cheeks, nose all flowing into each other.. Okey, I might be exaggerating, however this how it is... and it makes me sick! Ha! Now I've said it, I'm exhausted haven't feeling quite good lately not only referring to my knee...


Good Night everyone!


P.S. Bye bye Kati, I hope you all good luck in the future!!!


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