At last, the Summer vacation is here!

At last, at last it is officially now Summer vacation! Isn't it wonderful! Hah, yes I think so! Today we finally got our deserved vacation! The day started quite good, waking up at around seven this morning and just stretching my legs as far as I could. I looked out the window and I got the morning light right into my "night adapted eyes" ( =p ) So I closed my eyes again, but went upstairs to eat. After eating and getting ready for the day, I still had an hour and like 20 minutes to ten. To let the time pass by I sat down outside and listen to music, it was marvelous. At school we had a short ceremony with our mentors, after that we went to our auditorium to have another ceremony with the first and second year old classes. Where a band with eight graders played very bad rocksongs, imo. (last sentence grammar error)


The school ceremony wasn't long at all compared with other years, our headmaster Mr. Hont didn't held a 20 minutes speech lucky us! After school I went with; Philip, Diana, Anna, and Sally to a café here in Saltis, I ate two ice creams, I totally spend 34 kronor on ice-cream for ONE "Fika". After we've been sitting and eating we went for a walk and after that we splitted up for the day. I went home and ate lunch! With the stomach with plenty of food, I decided to windsurf for about two hours approximately. However after an hour, while surfing I stepped wrong on the board and flipped over, somehow I manage to hit my right knee (which I'd already injured yesterday) on the fen of the board. I got a "gash/jack" in my knee where I already had hurt myself. However I didn't notice this and didn't feel anything I just went going, but when I looked down I saw my whole leg full of blood and you can say that I almost fainted, because I dropped the sail and sat down on the small board and started to investigate the wound and when doing this I felt the salt water in it, and it "smarted" soo much. Trouble was that I was in middle of the sea and couldn't get any help. I didn't have any choice rather than windsurfing the wound and actually I'd already done that however that was unaware of the wound. I manage to get back to land and up for all the stairs to the house. I took the disinfecting-medium to clear the wound from any kind of dirt... Ah, and it "smarted" so much, that too... However after cleaning it, I placed a plaster on the wound. Oh, this day didn't turn out that lucky for me... So I kind of have maltreated my knee, I need to take it easy for a week, mom says..... And that sucks, I want to play football and many other things!



I hope you had a better day than me! Or did you not?


Song: Elements of life - Tiesto (The BEST DJ ever!!)

Postat av: Nienke

Tiësto äger! Och inte bara för att han är holländsk :P

2007-06-13 @ 21:22:43
Postat av: Erik

Nienke; Ne det är sant! Lyssnar du på hans musik btw?

2007-06-14 @ 10:32:15
Postat av: Nienke

Nja.. ibland :P

2007-06-16 @ 17:03:21

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