Today I received my grades for the Pre-Dp year and I'm very surprised over the result. The "Estetisk Verksamhet" which was kind of my favorite subject since we only played music, I got a vg which I hadn't expected. I wonder what he was thinking doing his grades! However I got a vg in German and a vg in English, ouch... I was surprised that I got a vg in German, because... it's actually funny, I haven't done ANYTHING!  So I ought to get a g in the subject! And the third grade, English I'm not especially proud over. Okay, I knew that I would get vg, however English is what IB is ALMOST all about.... Yaya, you can improve and I will that's one of my promises to myself =)

I hope you all a satisfied with your results!!!

Have a very nice Midsummer's Eve  =)         


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