Uncomfortable work time...

I just came in from "work" (22:40) been outside since 18:30 this evening working with our house. I was scraping the house and it was so hard to do it, my hands are hurting since you have to hold the scraper really hard while scraping! Ohh... To make it worse I woke at 8 this morning due to the sun light, that's the consequences' with having a big window, and you get more light into the room... So you can say that I'm really tired now! Before starting with the scraping I did actually windsurf for an hour or two and that was really nice though it didn't blow that much! My brother follow with me out to the water, he drove our little boat and took three pictures and made four short videos. It was very funny to see yourself on the video. One thing I noticed was that on the video it looks that you don't windsurf that fast, however in reality it feels much faster than it actually is. I have been thinking why it is like this, and I haven't yet come to any conclusion... (Stuff I think of, strange...)

Today I went into town and bought a new hard drive, the brand Iomega with 500 GB with free space (or actually 465 GB). I've been sitting and trying to make a recovery of my whole computer, it has taken a while around four hours of copying and extracting files to the new hard drive, but I finished for a little while. I'm considering going to bed but I'm kind of too tired to that so instead I will try to put up the three pictures from this afternoon.




Good Night!



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