Yess, finished!

Okey, so I just finished my english essay! It feels extraordinary good, better than after the swedish test or the maths test, strange possible... I don't understand why I spend so much time on something I don't know or is good at. *music; Any other world - Mika* This entry doesn't have any significance expet telling you how glad I am, for the english essay had finally come to an end that today and that we have made many reparations today/during the last month...

Today two men from Garage speciallisterna came and changed our 70 year old "garage portar" and replaced them by new ones of course. And also today two men from "Markiss something something" came and changed our old awnings with new, we actually changed colour to light coffee. Interesting ;) ??? It will only become better!

Today when I came home at one á clock, I began playing guitar and did it for two hours standing... I know I should have been sitting in my room finishing the essay, but I wanted to do something else before starting and so I did ;) I was walking around the house playing all the songs I know again, again and again... Always when I want to do somehting I turn the music, either it is just listening or playing, I can always relax or just forget everything for a second or two... I think we all have something we can do to forget everything, however those who don't, "How the fcku you still alive?" Yaya, you have probably found another way of surviving this hard and competitive world we live in... Hopefully we will terminate ourselves, horrible, yes maybe, however we know that we can exterminate it is just a question of time before it happens, since we can't find peace between each other, God has given us to much intelligence, or no? I think soo....

Yaya whatever! I am happy to bring forward that this weekend I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean At world's end, finally!

See you tomorrow!


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