Study day?

Oh yess, today is the official study day, yesterday was a marvelous day and I did took advantage of it. I was out for an hour and about 20 minutes out walking with my day, it was a good feeling, discussed a lot about many different things. We spoke about how the future will look like in 50 years. I will be walking with my children and grandchildren on erstavikstranden and the windsurfing club. What we thought of was when we were standing on the edge to the water, if I will be standing there too with my children. We came to the conclusion that it won't be possible, am I sending negative waves now, yes I am. However it is actually true, the sea level have by then risen at least a meter or two, this means that there won't be any windsurfing club.

My dad and I sat on a bench close to the beach of erstaviken. We sat there for approximately 30 minutes just talking, me and my dad. It was very funny and interesting, I don't mean to brag, but I'm very proud over my dad... He knows about how everything works, he gave me some tips on what I should start thinking about already in a couple of years. He said the earlier you start the better you will have later on in life.

I've only been talking about what I did yesterday, that's because it was such a marvelous day! Don't you agree? However now I have to head a head to my Swedish oral presentation I'm having on Wednesday.

Autumn leaf

Postat av: Sofia

You have been challanged ;) Now check out my blog to see exactly what it is I mean!

2007-10-22 @ 16:28:48

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